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Video production

Professional video production for YouTube or TV


Production of advertising animation clips and video animations for TV and web. The price is from 6$ per second.

Commercial video

We create video advertising for TV, websites and social networks.


Edpit agency provides services for creating special effects and graphics for video: VFX, SFX, CGI and 3D graphics.

Viral video

Viral commercial video is the most profitable way to advertise your business.

Promotional video

Production of promotional videos for your business or events.

Motion design

Graphic animated video is one of the easier and effective ways to convey the necessary information to the viewer.

Corporate video

Corporate video about the company is the simplest way to present your enterprise to potential customers

The worst thing in advertising is to be cautious, like everyone else

Marketing is not a department
Edpit agency

Creative advertising agency Edpit agency exists to ensure that companies that are useful to society can express themselves to the largest possible number of audiences. We sincerely believe that the worst thing in advertising and marketing is to be as neat as everyone else. If people do not notice you, your promotional promo or other message then everything you do is just a waste of time and money. Marketing - does not end with the marketing department in the company, it's everywhere, from the rug at the entrance to the behavior of your brand in the social. networks. To date, Edpit agency is fully prepared to provide the entire range of branding, marketing, design, creativity and strategy services for the company. In addition, the creative advertising agency Edpit agency - completely solves any problem in terms of media and digital.

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Our Team

On your project will work a fantastic team of professionals

Creative director

Creative director

Organization of creative work of the project, direction, active participation in the filming, editing, selection of sound design and much more.

General producer Edpit Agency

General producer

Work with clients, project management, filming and so on.


The ideological inspirer

Inspiration, food, sleep, inspiration, food, sleep, inspiration, food, sleep, inspiration, food, sleep, inspiration, food, sleep, inspiration, food, sleep, inspiration, food, sleep …

Director of Development Edpit Agency

Director of development

Planning, promotion, SEO, digital