Order promotional video or animation?

When the task of promoting a brand, service or product appears, entrepreneurs and marketers begin to choose methods of communication with the audience. Because video content is one of the most effective ways of communication, we offer cases when ordering a promotional video, it will be better than animation and why?

You have a service designed for live contact with the client

In this case, you just need to tell the potential client, the interior of the establishment, the staff, the service, the types of services and so on. A short video will give an understanding of the overall picture for the viewer. Based on this, he will be able to decide whether to go to you or not. Especially important will be such a video for companies where a preliminary record or reservation is needed, because not every client will want to risk the time to go “on scouting.”

You often work with clients abroad

Most often, IT companies face this issue, which work with the external market. A potential customer does not have the opportunity to see you live, so a promo video about the company will be very useful for him. Thus, choosing among the competitors, the customer will be inclined towards the company, where the office, team and methods of work are shown.

Any video about the novelty

Consider a trade-off option, where animation is a complement to the video. Why is it better to order a promotional video with graphics than a purely animated video? Often companies forget that they are not selling their services, but the state that a person will receive after using it. Therefore, do not delve into the interfaces of your new service or something else, show what emotions the client will receive. People are social creatures, it’s always more interesting to watch a video about people than about abstract services.

Order promo video for the review of the object

The next way of communication, which in all respects wins the animation, is a live video. If the company has a residential complex during the construction phase, it is important to show the process itself, rather than the beautiful 3D images from the project plan. Such a video will make it possible for the public to understand that the work is going on at the construction site, everything is transparent and honest. Trust is important.

Video blogs about the company

The next method of communication with customers, which can not be replaced by animation. In an era when quality and service are things by default, companies win with openness and honesty. More and more brands are releasing video blogs about themselves and their services. And we at Edpit agency keep repeating that YouTube is the No. 2 site for attendance in the world.


The main reasons for choosing natural photography instead of animation:

  • If the activity of your company is to work with clients from a distance, then to increase the trust it is better to have a promo.
  • For openness and honesty, it’s better not to hide behind the animation, but to show the faces of the team, the team.
  • When you have a live building (or other) object, the best way is to shoot a video about it.
  • This is a good way to show the company’s internal kitchen, to join people’s trust.
  • If your services are related to the live contact of the client, then order a promotional video is a great way to show in absentia the service and types of services.