Order shooting with quadrocopter – options, tips, risks

With the development of technical progress, for shooting spectacular frames for video clips, it was possible to order a shot from a quadrocopter. Similar gadgets expand the capabilities of operators and directors in the shooting of advertising projects. We suggest that our reader become acquainted with the cases in which shooting from the air is most justified.

Shooting a commercial or clip from a quadrocopter

In order to get the viewer’s attention and create a “wow” factor, the creators of commercials and clips are looking for all the newest possibilities. After the question “what are we shooting?” Follows “how do we shoot?” – here comes to the rescue shooting from the air. Such frames allow creating spectacular views, beautiful perspectives that were available only to the creators of high-budget films 10 years ago.

Shooting real estate from the air

Real estate objects can best be viewed from a height. The beautiful landscape around, the territory that surrounds the house or residential complex – all this is best removed with the assistance of professionals who manage drones. On large areas and territories it is possible to emphasize the scale and scope of objects. In addition, statistics, features and facts are beautifully displayed using graphics and animation.

Shooting a building object from a quadrocopter

In an era when competition is getting tougher day by day – it is important to be open to the public. Those who are aware of the need to be open already use video shooting from the air, in order to demonstrate the progress of construction, to show all the stages of construction work and so on. When comparing two objects, with the presence and absence of video materials about the progress of construction it is obvious that the developer who decided to order a survey from the quadrocopter will be more trusted. Openness and transparency are the qualities of successful companies.

Aerial photography

In ancient times in the cinema began to use videotape from the air for beautiful application frames and action scenes. Now all the techniques are still in use, but it’s not necessary to rent a helicopter. Quadrocopter can perfectly take the first shot of your mini-film about the company. From a bird’s-eye view, fantastic views open, which will draw the attention of the audience from the first seconds. Especially spectacular scenes look over large ponds, urban landscapes and in the mountains.

Pitfalls in the market of services

Edpit agency – usually makes turnkey projects when a customer wants to order a shot from a quadrocopter, starting from the script and filming from the air and the ground, ending with editing, announcer and graphics. But there are companies that offer customers shooting with quadrocopter separately, hourly and even at the rate of 1 flight = 1 battery of the device. Than it can be risky?

Such teams will finish shooting and will leave regardless of whether the result is obtained or not. They will tell you that you paid exactly N hours or accumulators, so now the video will be mounted from what’s there.
Often ordering the shooting of a quadcopter you will get only a flight, without mounting. And this means that you need additional expenses of money and time to find the right specialist.
Such guys are shot without a director, which means that there is no holistic vision. The pilot of the flying device can only guess what will be on the installation in the end and such a survey is conducted at random. The director remembers always about the task, where the graphics will be, in which place there will be an assembly gluing and so on.

Tips to make things better

To captivate the viewer with just shooting from a quadrocopter you need very picturesque views like New Zealand or Iceland. Because in most cases, locations are not something outstanding, then we advise you to dilute video clips with shooting from the ground. Conditionally, you can divide 70 by 30% in favor of air. This will allow you to diversify the picture and support the viewer’s attention when viewing.

Also do not forget that by adding graphics and good music you will make the final result much more interesting for the viewer and he will watch the video to the end. You can order shooting from quadrocopter, as well as all related services for creating video and creative content in contacts on this site.