People want to see how everything is arranged for you

This article is about the openness of your business and brand. Now with a huge amount of advertising – it’s not enough just to be useful. In the era of blogs and blogs, people want to see the maximum openness and frankness on the part of brands. Our company Edpit agency has been accompanying the production of its commercials since last year with the filming of video blogs in the style of “show from within.”

Openness is a universal weapon and is successfully applied, and works in different spheres:

Restaurants in which the “open kitchen” is used. This example is very cool shows how to arrange for visitors to the restaurant. People see how in real time before all the cook picks up a bunch of greenery and chops it into a salad. This causes delight and great confidence.
All sorts of video blogs and vlogs on YouTube. People love to observe the life of bloggers in different situations and places. Everyone today can choose something to their liking, from car review to travel around the world.
Reality show. There are many projects such as “Bachelor”, “Inspector” or “X-factor”. All listed TV projects are high-rating programs. The viewer is not enough to listen to the song from the artist, he wants to know how this composition was chosen, what the experts advised, what the singer felt. It comes to the fact that the history itself takes up more screen time than the performance of the number on the stage.
Below is a video blog of our company:

Open and transparent for all

All of the above examples confirm the rabid demand of people of different ages for the need for revelation. “What are you doing?” Is only interesting in conjunction with “how do you do it?” The easiest way for a mass audience is video blogging. Having occupied a narrow niche with interesting content, you have all the chances to achieve popularity. And here we distinguish 3 main directions:

  • Training or the transfer of experience to people. Here can be both a review of the product or service, and advice on your topic.
  • Show behind-the-scenes processes. Let people see how you make decisions, how joking you are at work – it disposes and inspires confidence.
  • Interactive communication with the audience, incl. live broadcasts and answers to questions. Communicate with people, open your soul a little, and your audience will become your family, because you can not imagine a better emotional connection. Judge for yourself, even in cases of “fakapov” of the company – your “family members” will be those who will rush to protect you on all fronts on the Internet and not only.
    Competitors do not even know
  • While your competitors spend money on advertising and service – spend a little time and effort to slightly open the curtain for your audience. If research shows that 40% of people look at video reviews before deciding to purchase, then why do not you leave useful information about yourself in YouTube for them in the context of the product? According to the experience of Edpit agency, you can say that the production of commercials was a good reason to shoot reviews of their backstage. Already literally 1-2 months after the release of our blogs, new clients said that in addition to the portfolio they also viewed with pleasure as we do, everything happens and had positive emotions. For our company this was one of the easiest ways, because we did not need to specially organize the shooting, we just turned on the camera and started broadcasting.

Do it yourself

Do not need to look for professional leads or even stars for reviews of your products and services – shoot yourself. Take the camera in hand and go to the production, the store or what do you have there? Better you no one will talk about your brand and philosophy. Of course in the future, you can establish production of commercials with a professional team for your company, but you can start with a self-stick. Be open and people will reach out to you.