Top 7 commercials of all time

Creative advertising Edpit agency picked up the TOP 7 commercials of all time. In the process of selection, we focused on the indicators of views, increased sales of products and ratings of independent experts.

Promotional for Volkswagen

The video was created specifically for the Super Bowl of the national football league in the US and then already adapted everywhere. Experts from Deutsch LA, among other things, used the latest achievements in neurobiology to create the video. This video is deeply worked out in all nuances. The electroencephalogram, which recorded the indicators of people, when watching a video, confirms the effect on different parts of the brain. This case is described in detail in the book “Unconscious branding.”

Video for Coca-Cola Company

It is based on fraternal relations. In the course of the video, the elder brother, due to his authority, constantly creates provocations and uncomfortable situations for his younger brother, something like hazing. At the end of the plot, the elder brother still saves the younger, taking a bottle of drink from the hooligans back. The desire to leave this bottle to himself – he still gives it to his brother. But already leaving – could not resist and beat the bottle right in the mouth of the younger one.

Chic promotional video for BMW

The supercar missile, which rushed through the desert terrain, was filmed from the BMW car throughout the entire video. This technique emphasizes the high-speed qualities of the car and leaves no doubt with the viewer that this is a very cool car. A similar metaform also eloquently indicates that the advertised car is compared almost with a rocket, this is hinted to the viewer that with conventional auto comparison can not be in principle.

Creative clip for Old Spice

It is known that men’s deodorants are mostly bought by women, and not by men. It is women who, when they go to the store, buy such supplies for their guys and husbands. The creators of this video knew this feature and decided to “hit” the female audience. After the release of this video, sales figures increased by 50%.

Video for Volvo

In this work, the creators collected together the super possibilities of new trucks, on the back transfer the smoothness of the traffic was demonstrated in times more spectacular. This video does not use VFX or CGI technologies. Everything was filmed for real. Van Damme was sitting on his branded twine – it also caused a lot of hype and hype around the roller. In the course of filming, Jean-Claude’s legs were mounted on invisible stands, they were hidden behind rear-view mirrors, in addition, the actor had an invisible insurance for the viewer’s eye.

Pepsi Football Advertising

In this paper, the opposition of football fans and fans is played out. According to the scenario, a video of the football player David Beckham was replaced on the field, he is excited and enters the tribune room and asks the boy for a drink. The culmination is the moment when the boy asks for a t-shirt from the player (the slogan of the advertisement “ask for more” in the translation “require more”), he gladly gives it, but after a moment understands that the guy is a fan of another club and he needs a t-shirt to wipe the jar after Beckham.

Viral humorous commercial

David Beckham has his own line of underwear, so in a parody with comedian James Corden, this experiment is not only comical, but also ironic. This work first appeared on the show “The Late Late Show”. In the video, they laugh at excessive male sexuality and the “right” body.