What can not be saved when you make a presentation video?

When it comes time to order a presentation video for your company, many people are thinking how to distinguish important things from imaginary ones, which in the end will affect the quality of the video, and what does not? For those who do not have a lot of time to plunge into the production of video clips, we wrote this article.

For light it is necessary to pay

What many call a “movie picture” is often achieved through proper lighting. As in the art of photography, light decides everything. With the skillful treatment of the illuminators, you set the mood you want, from drama to gay immediacy. In the context of a video for a company, most often it comes down to additional light when taking pictures of rooms and installing light for interviews. If the shooting conditions allow shooting under natural light in a factory or office, and this can save a budget, then for an interview in 90% of cases you need soft lighting. Regarding the filming of the video in the open air: having the opportunity to choose the time of day – it is better to choose the morning or evening, then the light will be especially soft and pleasant for the eye.

Meeting place can not be Changed

Location – this is the place where your presentation video will be shot. In our practice, it happened that the real office of the company – did not stand up to criticism and the shooting had to rent a suitable room. Also, such cases occur with such locations as the laboratory and the server. Although the companies have these units in their life, but they look very uninvolved in live, so renting a beautiful location is almost the only way out. Why is this correct:

  • The appearance of the leased location (pavilion) is almost always better, cleaner, and more presentable than the current working room.
  • The location or pavilion will always be able to accommodate the crew in the right amount.
  • The location – usually provides high ceilings, for lighting, surveying equipment and other.
  • There are places for make-up artists, catering, etc. in the pavilion.

Renting the location itself, the company does not interrupt the internal work processes, does not violate the operating mode and so on.

Sound and music – set the mood

When you have provided the viewer with a decent visual representation of the company, it’s time to talk about the sound. We at Edpit agency share the sound content on several important points:

  1. The musical accompaniment is about 30% of the audience’s perception. There are free and paid sinks with music, you can also buy the rights to use the famous artist, but we increasingly recommend that you order music from the composer – it’s always 100% original.
  2. Speaker scoring. In addition to the interview in the video can be present voiceover. It is important to choose the right voice for your company.
  3. Interhumans, sound design – improves the perception of the viewer and helps to place accents in your video.

The idea, the plot, the script

All of the above items can be canceled due to a bad disintegrating scenario or the lack of an idea in the video clip. From the experience of the advertising agency Edpit agency, we can say that when we make a presentation video, we offer the client several options for future video work concepts. This approach helps you weigh the pros and cons and choose the best option.