An image commercial about a company is a tool with which you can attract and attract a large number of customers and partners. In addition, these videos make your audience more loyal. It differs from an advertising video in that it does not set a goal to sell a product or service. First of all, to form a positive impression of the company and increase brand awareness.

Reasons to create a company image roller:

  • launching a new product or service,
  • branding a company,
  • entering a new sales market,
  • expanding a business,
  • raising the image of a company in the media, and not only changing the vector of your company’s direction, etc.

Image commercial – attracts attention

One of the main advantages of fashion video is a freer way of storytelling. Here you can get a more significant response effect in people. An almost unlimited scenario – it is necessarily realized in a very emotional and memorable video. After all, you do not need to talk about what your market share or percentage of customer returns is. In such a video you create an atmosphere and after watching the audience will definitely have a pleasant aftertaste. Most likely people will want to share this story with their friends and acquaintances. Thus, the image commercial, due to the lack of boring statistics, is more entertaining than selling. Oddly enough, this helps to “reach out” to a larger number of audiences. The “virality” of such a video also increases many times, if you use non-trivial moves. Unexpected plot twists, twists, etc. will be thrown into the firebox. One of the important factors for a good distribution on the network, for your clip, is the most compressed timing. The shorter your image’s image will be in time, the more filters it will hit on the Internet. It’s good if your video will be very different from the majority of competitors’s video works. When creating a clip with a fascinating story, make sure that your “story” begins with the most interesting and exciting moment. In this case, your audience will be interested in watching your work to the end.

3 main types of image clips:

Video for internal use in the company will help to boost the spirit within the company. Consolidate people, identify the main goals and mission. A clip for external use on the Internet, TV, various media. Here you focus on your best qualities, set the mood. Cinematography and artistic techniques will attract the viewer to themselves. Typically, these videos increase confidence in the brand, and accordingly increase sales. A clip for presentation at exhibitions, seminars, etc. You can more easily find partners in the B2B market, standing out with beautiful video by working with artistic handwriting.

Edpit agency company is ready to help you in creating a video clip or mini film of any complexity. We are ready to offer creative ideas and scenarios, as well as shoot the best image for you. Our experience allows us to create a high-quality product that meets the modern needs of the audience on social networks and not only.

We know the levers of controlling the attention of the viewer at the time of viewing the content, thanks to the continuous improvement of our knowledge in the field of advertising, marketing, and cinema. In addition, our team draws inspiration from related industries that develop skills and taste, for example, from literature, music and painting. The most dangerous thing is to make an image video “like everyone else” and wait for positive results, but Edpit agency will help create a unique product.


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