Animated video production is an interesting and at the same time very complicated process. This service can be conditionally divided into 3 types:

  • 2D animation.
  • 3D animation.
  • Infographics.

2D animation, sometimes even called “personal”, with this tool you can create scenes with characters. As a rule, the scenes in this video are no different from the usual video clips that were filmed. Nevertheless, the significant advantage is that show up in the frame of all the elements can be broken down into several stages. When there are all the subjects in the shot – this lasts longer the spectator’s attention. In our company Edpit agency you can order a such animation for the site or your YouTube channel.

3D animation is more complicated technically and longer in terms of manufacturing time than 2D. Three-dimensional image – requires more time for drawing, for animation, for creating shadows and light. The application of such an option is also relevant in the videos that are being shot on camera. For example, a 3-dimensional pack shot (the final splash screen) will be much more profitable to look than a 2-dimensional or more usual text with a company logo. It should be noted that 3D animation is not always video in the style of Disney or Pixar cartoons. Sometimes it can be a beautifully designed 3D logo with shadows and volume.

If you want to order an animation for the site, with a description of services, indicators and other things, then infographic is the best for you. Here we be able to offer you the creation of graphs, statistics, and digital metrics and so on. Your most boring figures will turn into very important indicators, and not clear advantages will become obvious to all. In addition, when combining video with infographics, you get more convincing content with numerical indicators or abstracts on the topic.

Sometimes when there is no big budget for the advertising video, the best solution is to order a graphic video. Here are the following advantages:

  • Absence of actors’ fees
  • In case of corporate plot, no staff participation is required
  • No need to pay for studios, pavilions and other locations
  • No limitations on the scenario
  • Less specialists in production

Where could be implemented?

Animated elements for web and TV-video production are becoming more popular every year. Usage occurs both in small advertising works, and in feature films. Below are the most frequent examples of use:

  • a full-length TV commercial
  • a Pre-roll in Youtube (5 seconds or more)
  • integrated graphics in video
  • clips
  • full-length films
  • promotional videos
  • presentation films, etc.

Brand value

When we creating commercials, our team will offer an idea and script for you, also help you choose the voices for the musical accompaniment. At each stage, you will be able to evaluate the work, make corrections, if necessary, and approve the principal points. Having created more than 530 animated films of varying complexity, our specialists will propose you the best solutions to your objective.
Due to the high professional skills, we will ensure the performance of the work within the agreed time and without unexpected surprises. Creation of animated commercials in the company Edpit agency is one of the top priorities, and the most pleasant factor for customers is the price, although at times the real cost of such clips in the services market is much higher. We will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding this service and propose creative ideas for the implementation of your projects!

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