When you want to order a corporate video about a company, you first need to determine the style of the video. We can formally divide them into 2 types:

  • Fully graphic;
  • Natural shooting.

Graphic video

If we talk about 2D animation, then it will be cheaper than any other. Here you can play absolutely any scene without any limitations on the script. Any statistical data about the company, animated graphics, and curves and so on will fit here perfectly. Such kind of commercials could be great for those companies that can’t show their production or company from within, their employees, production premises or office departments for some reason. 2D animation about your corporation will improve the image and raise the level of loyalty among customers and partners.

Video shooting

In such videos, graphics and motion design elements are usually always used, but still they are not considered graphical.

This type of video is aimed at companies that want to demonstrate their production equipment and premises, as well as the office. Also this type is suitable in cases where business owners or employees give interviews and their expert evaluation.

It will be especially advantageous to look at such videoshooting for institutions of the service sector, because here you can show beautiful interiors and quality service. Before ordering a clip about the corporation and selecting one of the types, you need to determine the following data:

  • Your target audience, namely age, gender, social status.
  • The platform where the corporate clip you are going to place. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Timing of the clip. The amount of audience coverage will depend on the duration. The more concise it will be, the more likely it is to get into a larger audience.
  • You have to decide what goal you want to implement by releasing this footage. Customer loyalty, brand awareness, increased sales or something else?
  • Category. It is important to understand what you want to get as a result, what the format of the clip could be, etc.
  • Accents. What will be the emphasis in writing the script? Determine what your product or service has special, what can you interest the viewer?

All these aspects are the main criteria in the formulation of the assignment. Each brand has its own characteristics and its mission. Usually we recommend focusing on work on one service, product, etc. The more accurate the task, the more likely to succeed.

To make the corporate video interesting, while emphasizing all the benefits of your business, it is better to contact the company with more experience in creating such a product. Our company Edpit agency employs the best specialists. Therefore, we will help you avoid mistakes and make the video work that can bring an excellent result.

All our forces are aimed at obtaining new knowledge in this field. In addition, we develop in all related areas relevant to the marketing and production of footage, including corporate video production. Our regular customers know that by contacting us they receive the promised result.

Creating a clip about the corporation is an important stage in the life of any brand. Nowadays, when more than 90% of people are online, you need to be available to the audience. Our team is ready to help in solving any task related to the creation of video content!