Before you is a calculator, which was created to calculate the reading of the text that the speaker will read. Our artificial intelligence most accurately takes into account spaces, punctuation marks, as well as future pauses between words, sentences and paragraphs. All you need to do is copy your text into a free field:


Tips for narration text

Tips before inserting your text into our form:

  • Check your text, proofread it for extra or missing words, mistakes.
  • If your text contains numbers, then you should translate them into letters, for example: instead of “5 apples”, you should write “five apples”.
  • Reading, dubbing and dubbing is always individual and depends on the speaker, content style, and so on. Therefore, the resulting time will still have to be checked during real reading of the announcer.
  • In any video, there are often pauses for the viewer to take a breath and switch. It is important to remember about them, because this will increase your timing in the end.

Розрахунок часу читання тексту

What if there is a lot of text?

Consider options for how to shorten the speaker’s text if it does not fit into the set frames?

  • The easiest way, especially if you don’t fit very much at the right time, is to shorten the text.
  • If the text is already recorded in the audio track and the time exceeds the required time, then you can remove the pauses by cutting in a special program.
  • There is one more secret that you should know when calculating the reading time of the text. Also, software acceleration of the audio track can be an alternative. But the main thing to remember is that it can be imperceptibly accelerated only up to 7%. All that from above will be noticeable to viewers and listeners. And if you are a perfectionist, then this method is best abandoned.
  • The easiest way is to ask the speaker to read as quickly as possible – this will be the maximum natural reading speed.

We can help with the speaker’s text, the choice of the speaker’s voice, and more. In addition, we can make a turnkey video for you. If necessary, we will come up with concepts, write a script, carry out all the preparation for the video, create a video clip and give you a turnkey finished work. You can contact us in the contacts section of this website.

We hope that our calculation of the reading time will help you when creating your audio and video clips. We wish you creative and interesting work.

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