Shooting a video is a creative process that requires professional technical knowledge and practice. Under the shooting in this article, we’ll mean the whole cycle of video production, and not just employment on the shooting site. Here we’ll talk about the main processes and their preparation, the significance and importance of each item. We are sure that for those who want to order professional video production of commercial from professional company this article will be useful and could help correctly navigate in all the features.

  1. The idea. We come up with an idea, usually based on research, analysis and observations.
  2. The script. Our team writes the script, it probably offers several varieties of plot twists, etc.
  3. We approve the script for the client.
  4. Pre-production. We begin preparation for the clip. Selection of actors, location, crew, props and much more.
  5. Storyboard or animatic. We illustrate all the scenes of the future video of the work; we discuss with the director, the operator, the supervisor.
  6. Budget. After all the edits at the storyboard stage – you can finally form the budget of the video. Often it is at this stage (point 5) that VFX specialists solve the amount and complexity of graphics, the estimate for lighting, special effects, locations, etc. is calculated.
  7. After the budget was approved it starts directly shooting a clip. The team is engaged in the production of the video. All the processes are running. As a rule, the production involves a director, producer, cinematographer, a lampmen foreman with a team of illuminators, a supervisor (computer effects specialist), a sound engineer, actors, a make-up artist, an administrator, a driver, and others.
  8. Post-production and sound. One of the most important stages in the video is the sound design. Everything starts from the set. It records the voice of the actors in the frame, records noise and sounds, such as footsteps, street noise, trees, cars, etc. That is not all. At the stage of editing – the sound engineer works with the recorded audio tracks, improves their quality, clears unnecessary noise. In addition to voices of characters and intermixes, the imposition of background sounds and music by the composer is still used. After all the stages, we need to do mixing and mastering.
  9. We edit the footage, matches its with sound design and graphics.
  10. Work with color, profession – colorist. Professional video shooting makes for special equipment with a good dynamic range, but this is not enough for the final image, so color correction is used.
  11. Motion design and graphics. To enhance the impression of the video use a variety of visual effects, ranging from nameplates ending with the creation of a virtual world. Often there are cases when the actor films on a green background, the props and scenery are located only in the foreground, and everything else is a universe created using computer technology. Sometimes such technologies can apply pointwise. Higher aerobatics is considered when the viewer does not notice where the graphics are, and where the reality is.

Filming and editing a clip, as well as graphics – these are the main stages from which the price will depend. The higher the budget, the more progressive you can use equipment and lighting, the higher the realism and complexity of the graphics you can afford. But for fairness it’s worth saying that some tasks, such as your corporate blog or video report from the presentation – do not require top-level cinema equipment. To do this, any equipment and light of medium levels will work. You can order commercial with the script and the subsequent post-production in our video Production Company Edpit agency. We are happy to offer you interesting solutions for your videos.

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