Aerial photography from a quadcopter or Octocopter is a great tool for video clips. When a bird’s-eye shooting is required or simply beautiful shots, we will tell in this article. With the development of technical progress, this service has been widely used.

This is primarily due to the availability, because before such a shooting could be done from a helicopter or airplane. In our company, this service can be ordered both separately and together with a full cycle of manufacturing roller. Our team employs professional pilots working on certified equipment.

Aerial photography – when is it better to use?

We work in Kiev, throughout Ukraine and abroad. If necessary, we can take a picture on the day of your appeal and give the processed material during the day. You can order the shooting of drone at the bottom of this article or in the contact section. And now let’s consider the most frequent use cases of shooting from the air:

  1. Promo videos about the company and presentation videos. Images from a bird’s eye view will best show the scale of production facilities and warehouses.
  2. Videos for agricultural holdings and similar companies. From a height you can show all the beauty of the fields, agricultural estates, pastures and parking lots with equipment.
  3. Events, festivals and parties. Aerial video captures flyby scenes with artists, with a crowd of thousands or pavilions.
  4. Aerial photography from a quadcopter will become indispensable in all these cases, and the price will depend on the time and number of copters.
  5. Shooting residential complexes. One of the best solutions for buildings under construction is a bird’s-eye survey. From interesting angles, you can remove both finished houses and illuminate the construction process of still unfinished objects.
  6. Image rollers. Any such clips will become even brighter if you use shooting with copters. It can be shooting over water, in the forest, among urban skyscrapers, etc.
  7. Clips. To convey emotions often resort to non-standard solutions. Aerial shooting diversifies any creative flight.
  8. Films. Cinema, as in the most expensive art in the world, requires appropriate technical solutions. Every time you need to amaze the viewer, and any operator will want to decorate the frame with a panorama from the air.

If you want to simply fly around your plant, for example, then such a video is best diluted with infographics. All sorts of animation will help make the video more interesting and will focus on important details. Usually we recommend to highlight the most key figures, for example, the volume of output per year or the number of customers. Also, for the logical completion of the video you will need a graphic screen saver at the end, with your logo.

In terms of sound, we usually recommend adding music and a narrator to a video. Sometimes in these videos are added interships. Based on this, it can be summarized that the shooting of the drone itself is not the only item of expenditure, and therefore the price is formed from the total budget of all options. Turning to the professionals of our company, you can count on a high-quality video clip.