What is a promo?

It is a short video about the company or event. Often its duration does not exceed 60 seconds. In contrast to the commercial video, promo-videos carry the goal to acquaint and interest the viewer. For example, this promotional video is the result of production our Edpit Company:

Creating promo is one of the most interesting processes.

The main advantages are several:

  • no binding to any formats
  • the audience does not perceive your video as an annoying commercial
  • the time of the video is unlimited
  • promo does not apply to advertising laws
  • can be broadcast everywhere except TV and the media

Before ordering a shooting of a promo clip, you need to determine for yourself the budget framework, the main purpose of the video and the place of the broadcast. If the budget is more or less clear, then the mission and the place need a couple of words-explanations about themselves. The strategy for creating a script and the concept of a video directly depends on where exactly your video will broadcast and for whom. In other words, if promotional video production for the end-consumer, for example, as a pre-roll in YouTube, then this is one kind of video. Nevertheless, if it is an exhibition where you want your potential partners to cooperate, the strategy will differ.


Consider the following options. For example, you sell yogurt for babies. Creation of promo clips for the end-users, that are, young mothers, will require accentuation in the plot on natural ingredients, useful properties and most importantly on the maternal instincts. At the same time, the video of this yogurt for an exhibition or presentation will place emphasis on convenient logistics, the location of your plants, the purchase price for store chains, the quality of production lines and the availability of all important certificates that are 100% compliant with norms and standards.

As we see, the difference is significant and noticeable. For mothers – emotions, care, naturalness. For partners – facts, convenience and reliability. Conditionally we have 2 types of clips, but in fact, symbioses of these two directions are possible.

Now a few words about the nuances. Shooting promo clips for end-consumers characterizes as a rule by a beautiful “picture”, bright locations, and pleasant actors and so on. Depending on the idea, there are exceptions, for example, in purely male advertising – there may be a brutal and dirty situation, which will favorably emphasize the properties of the product. For B2B market, the whole essence will focus on production, openness and transparency, manufacturability and so on.

For justice it is worth noting that the modern consumer is sometimes interested in the “internal kitchen” of the enterprise. As practice shows – some viewers treat with great confidence to companies that show their “backstage”.
The customer of advertising has to realize the fact that by doing “like everyone else” you get the result “like everyone else”. In addition, in order to stand out and win you will have to make some outstanding decisions and risks.
Nowadays people see many commercials every day, it becomes a noise in the eyes and ears of a person. Therefore, introducing into your video entertainment elements, insights and aesthetic value – you get the opportunity to stand out from the general mass of advertisers and competitors.

If you create an interesting video product, then people will want to share it between themselves or at least your product or service will be noticed and appreciated. After placing, an order and discussing the details, it is very important properly organize all the creative and technical processes of the video. This is necessary for successful video shooting.

If you place an order in Edpit agency – you can fully rely on our creativity, accuracy and timeliness. Our company will offer solutions for all your tasks and requests. The professionalism and experience of our team allows us to implement the most complex and the more interesting projects. Do not be afraid to take risks, do not do like everyone else, and you will definitely get impressive results!

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