In order to sell a product or service – it is necessary to make sure that your audience has learned about this service. Commercial video production for TV and websites – solves this problem. Our company has great experience in creating such products.

Choosing an executing company for shooting an advertising video.

Such tasks require decent efforts and resources, because the creation of video clips is a time-consuming process in the development of which a large number of professionals are involved. Firstly, it is significant to think through the strategy correctly, and to identify the target audience and organize the trainings. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the creation of an advertising clip is a complicated labour-intensive process that requires the involvement of a team of expertise with specialized knowledge, and the price, as a rule, depends on the skills of the team and the complexity of the tasks assigned. Before ordering Commercial video production-, it is important to make sure that the work in the portfolio of your chosen company meets your expectations and is most suitable for a number of aspects such as quality and creativity. After choosing an executing company, it will be important correctly analyse the market and the main advantages of your products or services. It is best if it’ll be one advantage, and you could focus the forces on it, so that the audience does not scatter their attention.

The price of production of the commercial. The budget of video advertisement is one of the most important issues that interests the customers of this advertisement.The price of commercials depends on the difficulty of the original task. Starting from the number and level of actors, ending with the complexity and volume of computer graphics in your footage. In addition, the estimate calculates the cost of locations, the work of illuminators, operators, make-up artist, director and many others. After the video shooting process – many specialists will work on the video, from the announcer to the composer and the editing director. A separate item of expenditure is computer graphics. Fundamentally, the entire team selects exclusively from the tasks of the advertising video clip script. Only by carefully studying the list of all the scenes and having worked out the details will we be able to say how much it will cost to shoot an advertisement for TV.

Factors that affect the cost of commercial video production:

  • Length of the clip.
  • Number of scenes.
  • Number of actors involved.
  • Complexity of costumes and scenery.
  • Number of shooting locations.
  • The complexity of special effects and graphics.
  • The need for sound and voice.

In simple words, the cost of the video will depend on the locations, the number of shooting shifts, the actors and the complexity of postproduction. Experienced specialists who work in our company Edpit agency – will help at the preparatory stage to optimize all filming processes. Therefore, your customers do not throw money away, in the moments of idle equipment, location and actors. Our managers also can find the best solutions to complex production tasks in the filming, in order to achieve the set goals with less effort and resources. Further, pay attention to such an essential point as the price. A quality product can not cost a penny, as well as a team of professionals who know their own worth, they will not waste time on low-paid jobs. Here works a directly proportional formula price = quality. In addition, if in some areas you can still resort to the services of freelancers or beginners, then in such a responsible thing as the production of commercials – it is better not to look for cheap compromises. The cost of shooting an advertising will be higher if you involve a team of specialists in computer graphics and visual effects. Here, first of all, you need to start from the tasks that the graphics will solve, as well as the need for a “WOW” effect.

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