Architectural 3D visualization is a type of buildings and objects close to real life in three dimensional projections, with the most elaborate textures and details.

The main directions in architectural 3D visualization are:

  1. Residential complexes visualization;
  2. Industrial objects visualization;
  3. Recreation of apartments (interiors);
  4. Creation of building exteriors;
  5. 3d interior visualization;
  6. Texturing;
  7. Landscape 3D design;
  8. Three-dimensional office modeling.

3D visualization cost Architectural

3D visualization and its budget will depend on complexity STI project and timing. The more detailed details required, the higher the price will be. In addition, at the request of the client added music and voice-over narration. Music varies on budget from free to individual order from the composer. The cost of the speaker depends on the language of the text and the experience of the professional.

The sequence of actions when creating 3D visualization is

  • Contact. You can dial us on the mobile phone specified on the site, write to e-mail, or fill in the feedback form.
  • Task setting, filling out the brief.
  • You put a technical task, we are working on all the details.
  • After rendering, we make a commercial proposal on the budget and terms.
  • Drafts, previews.
  • After some stage of the work, we provide you with a draft draft in which you can make some changes and corrections.
  • We will clarify all the details. At this stage, all details are approved regarding textures, small details and other things.
  • Finish.
  • The entire project is displayed on the render in maximum quality.

The sound is superimposed, color correction is made.

The advantages of such a project are best for the human to perceive the visual information, therefore creating a 3D render, you create the maximum wow effect for the public. The viewer is much better to present the project, which can be viewed in absentia from all sides and feel its atmosphere. Thanks to a detailed study of each element, people get a complete picture of the project, the building, the construction and other things. About soundMusic accompaniment creates 30% of video perception, so it is important to take seriously what will be on the background.

We at Edpit agency highlight for ourselves 2 options for music:

  • Stock music. These are compositions that someone has already created in advance and laid out for sale on the Internet. The price of such a track varies depending on the quality, relevance and authorship. Convenience is that you can quickly pick up the desired composition for reasonable money. The downside is that other companies can also buy this composition and there will be a repetition, albeit on an honest basis.
  • 100% original music from the composer. You order any music, by example or without and at the exit you get an individual track. Disadvantages: you need a little time to create a track.


In order to order architectural 3D visualization, you just need to dial our number or write an e-mail. If you have an example of the work on which we can orient yourself, this will facilitate understanding of the task and the processes of creation. In turn, we will offer options for the implementation of the tasks. Architectural 3D visualization – helps to make the brand promo brighter and more interesting.