Doodle videos are animated videos that are intended to interest the viewer and lead him to purchase a product or service. Such videos help to keep attention longer and keep the user present on your site.

5 reasons why this is cool.

  1. Such videos help create a viral effect, thereby attracting more people to your site. Doodle videos increase your sales.
  2. Doodle – engages the viewer and maintains interest in your product or the service. The visitor’s stay on your site grows 3 times.
  3. The conversion of the site increases by 52%.
  4. Creating doodles of graphics makes it possible to use it in online stores and mobile applications, which is significant It increases the level of involvement of the visitors. You can also promote your products and services.
  5. These videos will help you announce a training seminar, training, etc. In addition to all the doodles, videos will help to attract attention to online services.

The sequence of stages when creating a video.

  1. We study the task and goals. Determine the target audience. We specify the platform on which you want to post a video (Youtube, your website, Facebook, etc.).
  2. We write the script and draw the storyboard.
  3. The storyboard is a static frame with all the main scenes of the future video. We approve and proceed to point number 3.
  4. We draw all the frames, draw the details and approve with the client.
  5. We voice the video with the voice of the announcer, which is also coordinated with the customer.
  6. We write music or we substitute it from musical audio drains.
  7. Under the received sound of the announcer (music is secondary here) – the video is animated. The pictures drawn earlier – start to revive.
  8. Video presentation. We give you a ready-made video, and we can also offer you to order the promotion of this video on Youtube and social networks from us.

About Sound

  • Usually, we ourselves offer a base of speakers for every taste. If you want to record your personal voice or one of your colleagues in the video, then we will advise you on how best to record the voice. There are three possible solutions to the problem for the video music.
  • The first is to take music on the free stock site or in the Youtube record library. Dignity – free music, disadvantages – the same music can be in many other commercials. The second option is to buy a composition on a paid stock. Although there is a chance of repetition, this risk is still minimal. The third option is to order music from the composer.
  • The main advantage here is 100% originality, the disadvantage is the highest price among all possible options, but it’s worth it. Doodle video, or rather its creation is based on the excellent interaction of the creative team. Each step in creating such a video is important and cannot be missed. Our experienced scriptwriters and creators will help you in creating the most effective script. Edpit ensures that deadlines are met at all stages of production of video. Our many years of experience will help create a successful video that will bring you many customers. The Edpit agency team is sure that there are no trifles, so you need to strive to work out the smallest details. With an accuracy of 99%, we are sure that you will become our regular customer.