Motion design and graphics have already become an integral part of either video product that is released on TV or on the Internet nowadays. From a small inscription with the name and surname on the screen to a full-fledged video, which consists entirely of graphics. With this tool, you can solve both simple tasks and explain to the viewer very complex cumbersome questions. The viewer is easier to navigate in the understanding of difficult issues through visualization. In addition, if it’s more or less clear with the titles, then we’ll deal with the video, based solely on the Motion design, in more detail.

Application of motion design.

  1. Selling clips. When you need to sell something, then this video will become your sales manager. Video around the clock could posted on your site and customers will have a convenient way to familiarize themselves with your product.
  2. Promo. Animation with infographics, which is comfortable and simple to show figures and facts.
  3. Training clips. Motion design is best suited to show complex things with easy symbols. Dynamics helps to keep attention, and to emphasize especially important things.
  4. Instructions. If you have a sophisticated product or service, then this video will best cope with this task. Especially good when the clip is created in a game form.
  5. Pre-roll. Used in Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  6. TV channels. Advertising screensavers, subtitles, interruptions and more.
  7. Cinema. Teasers, trailers, titles and more.

The field of application is wide, and with the development of the Internet, the motion design will find new applications for itself. Such popularity is justified by the fact that the graphic clips perfectly keep the attention of the public.

  • You can show complicated things in a simple way.
  • Thanks to the dynamics, the viewer’s attention is kept.
  • With an off-screen voice, this video can be guaranteed to attract the attention of any audience.
  • Availability. Such a flat animation will be cheaper than a video shot.
  • Lack of boundaries. There are no restrictions and everything that is invented can
    be easily done.

2D Graphics is what is commonly called flat animation. They can be with heroes, as well as with abstract objects. Often such video is stylized under the company’s brand. Consciously chosen are color solutions in basic and auxiliary colors.

Even if you did not plan to resort to using animation, then for sure in the video, which you plan to order, you will need a pack shot. Pack shot – is the final scene where the motion graphics are applied. Such a scene usually consists of your logo, which somehow undergoes the manipulation of our specialist. It can be like a complete “disassembly” of your logo, and light glare. Furthermore, a slogan or / and a call to action are visualized on the screen. In this issue there are no mandatory rules, but the system is still observed. Ordering a video from our company, you get quality assurance and fulfillment of deadlines. Edpit agency – will create for you a concept and realizes the most creative tasks!

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