Presentation video is a business card for your company, so it is very important to know all the tools that you will have for your audience. In this text we will tell you what is useful to pay attention to when creating. What is better to avoid in principle? It is best to entrust the creation of presentation films about your company to experienced Edpit agency specialists. We have a lot of experience in creating such projects.

5 Advice

  1. To note, when preparing a video, keep in mind that it will most likely be used both on the Internet and at exhibitions and presentations.
  2. Therefore, its format should fit in and be understandable both for one platform and for all others. Since the video will become the face of the company in the future, make sure that it meets your ideas, corporate values ​​and mission. If the film will be filmed production and staff, it is very important to control even the little things. From the cleaned area and order to the cleanliness of the working clothes of the staff.
  3. The presentation video is the face of the company and it’s good if you present yourself as bright and noticeable as possible. Consider the possibility of integrating computer graphics and animation into video. Such a move, due to visual effects, will maintain the viewer’s attention, diluting the dry figures. This will favorably and vividly emphasize the merits of the company and distinguish you from competitors. If the type of company is suitable for filming from the air, then be sure to use this option. Air shots will show the scale of the enterprise and make the “picture” more attractive to the viewer.
  4. Shooting presentation films about the company should not subsequently result in a long and prolonged series. Minimize all scenes.
  5. We understand that you want to tell about the company as much as possible, but the more concisely the video is, the more people will watch your story. In the age of clip thinking, hardly anyone will watch a film about a company in 40, 30, 20 or even 10 minutes. It is enough to interest the viewer and he will want to know more about you if he needs.

Creating presentation videos.

It is important that in our company creating presentation videos takes from two to four weeks. Production time depends on the complexity, timing, volume of graphics, and so on. At the first stage, the idea and concept are approved, then we are engaged in preparing for the shooting.

  • In the preparatory period, locations are selected, the final scenario is written. Storyboards are drawn, date and time are planned, and the film crew is coordinated.
  • Shooting of a similar product takes place from 1 shooting day to 3x. final pecshot.
  • At each stage of production, if necessary, each scene is agreed upon and approved.
  • After completion of the work, light and color correction are made. With sound, mixing and mastering are performed. employs a team of specialists – it sends to the customer on utverzhdenie.Samoe important production of presentation videos – is a complex and time-consuming process, which is running the whole team.

The experience of the company Edpit agency – allows you to perform work of any complexity. We are grateful for the trust of our loyal customers. Among which there are residential complexes in Kiev, large-scale online services of world level and even the Red Cross Society. We will be happy to assist you in solving your goals and tasks!