In the production of a video clip, there are many important stages from directing to cinematography, but the most important thing is to develop a video clip script. Consider several important points when creating a video:

  • The idea of ​​your video.

  • Think with what the viewer may associate a service or product and fantasize about this topic. At Edpit agency, we try to immediately throw away the first ideas that come to our mind, because others most likely guessed about them. Insight.
  • Development of the script of the commercial includes a complete immersion in the thoughts of the client.

What does the buyer, target audience?

Try to get into his skin, imagine how his day usually passes, with whom he communicates, what films he likes and so on. It is better to analyze a specific one person, for example, a guy named Kolya. He is 26 years old, he is a manager, loves friends, does not like a boss. On weekends, he goes to bars with friends, loves lager beer and films made from comics, and so on … It will help you find the “insight” for your story. Telling the story for Kolya (about Kolya) you tell it to the whole world. Without copies. We advise to avoid copies and plagiarism.

  • First, the secondary nature will not bring you the same result as in the case of the original video.
  • Secondly, you risk earning a bad reputation, since information always pops up.
  • Third, spoil the karma.
  • Fourth, your product and service definitely has its own distinctive properties from all others, it is better to find your own chips than to borrow from others.

Did someone remember you?

If the script for the video clip is original and creative, this is very good, but now make the viewer remember your product, otherwise you risk just entertaining the viewer with beautiful videos, but without result. Focus on the product.

Some brands create superheroes of the same name, which continually flash on the screen, moreover, they are the focus of attention, for example, Мр. Proper. Emotions. Create a positive plume of emotions. The viewer will remember not only the promotional video itself, but also those pleasant emotions that will be associated with the product. Pay attention to memorable pekshot. Usually it takes about 15-20% of the time of the entire movie (30 seconds).

The shortness of the sister of talent. No need to chew the viewer all the details and nuances, but not that he falls asleep or loses attention.

If you need to show that peanut butter is very tasty, then you don’t need to show all the steps:

Оpened a can, took a knife, took bread, spread paste on a bread, bite, chew, make a satisfied face. It is enough to show one frame with spreading paste, and the next one is with the hero’s contented face. It will save time. In addition to maintaining audience interest – in this simple way, you will also save time for TV rotations. Storyboard and animatic.

Using these methods, you can gain an understanding of the overall structure, analyze all the stages, see the errors and correct them at the initial stage, before filming. The promo script is the most important stage in the creation of video advertising. From how everything is thought out will depend on the effectiveness of your investments. The more interesting and exciting the plot turns out, the more audience you can “hook”. At Edpit agency, we practice issuing to our client several types of scenarios to choose from.