Title:  Special effects| VFX |SFX |CGI

Keywords:  Special effects, VFX, SFX, CGI

Description:  Edpit agency provides services for creating special effects and graphics for video: VFX, SFX, CGI and 3D graphics.

3D graphics and special effects

In the modern world, 3D graphics and special effects are increasingly being used.  In this article, we describe the benefits of using such visual solutions, as well as list the main directions in the industry.

The reasons for implementing special effects in the video:

  1. You need to create something that does not. It implies the creation of objects of unreal objects, which do not exist in reality.  These include fictional three-dimensional characters for commercials, holograms and so on.
  2. There is no possibility to make a video. This includes, for example, construction projects.  In advertising, it can be a residential complex that has not yet been built.  Sometimes on the set, there is simply no way to remove from a certain angle.  There are cases where you need to recreate the whole world behind the back of the hero.

The main types of special effects

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) – it is common to consider all the effects that are created using a computer.

VFX (Visual Effects) is the process of combining what was filmed and created on a computer (CGI).

SFX (Special Effects) – although they have no connection with computer technology, but we need them for completeness.  This term refers to pyrotechnic effects, scenery, make-up, and the like.

All these techniques help to supplement reality with new meanings and possibilities.  By resorting to such techniques, the creative team has the opportunity to create unlimited scenic moves.  This option also allows you to create completely realistic characters.  3D graphics is a powerful tool in the hands of the creative team.

To ensure that the integrated graphics looked decent, on the set there is a supervisor.  His task is to monitor the shooting process from the point of view of VFX.  He follows the correct lighting, camera movement, so that in post-production work there are no problems.  In addition, this expert advises the director and the operator, this helps to realize the scenes with computer graphics and animation as effectively as possible.

At the stage of work with the shot material, depending on the tasks, we carry out the following design works:

  • • Simulation of 3D objects.  Creation of such images as at home, people and even non-existent animals in the Cheburashka style.
  •   • Implementation of screensavers and packshots for videos.  Each video has a final, in which there is a call to action.  It’s the animated screensaver that will put a bright accent-point in your clip.
  • Visual series and landscape models.  The production of such videos is the creation of 3D objects and whole worlds, which will then be included in your clips.
  •  Special effects that cause a wow factor.  This includes flash, ignition, icing, snow, etc.  All this is created as naturally as possible, but due to limitations, it is also possible to recreate it on a computer.

When creating effects, it is important to understand what kind of emotional or emotional pressure they carry.  If this is not supported by the meaning and is not mandatory, then it is better not to use such effects.  It is important to remember that the main driver of the viewer’s attention is the idea and the scenario.

Team Edpit agency – successfully implements the project of any complexity, because we are professionals in the field of creating video content from the idea to launch on TV and the Internet.  We successfully introduce into our work such technologies as VFX, SFX, CGI, and constantly develop in the field of marketing and advertising.