A viral commercial is one of the most powerful tools for attracting and engaging an audience to your topic, in this case advertising a service or product.  With this video, you can draw attention to the brand, the product and make potential customers more loyal.  In the world there is no universal recipe for establishing a viral clip, otherwise using such secrets, all videos in YouTube would have a million views or more.

However, we could see some patterns in all successful commercials of this type. We propose to your attention, a few points about which you need to remember when creating:

  • You need to establish a psychological portrait of the target audience, what values they have, etc.
  • creating a viral video requires an emotional component, make the viewer frightened, laugh, surprise, and so on.
  • “Carry the roof” with an incredible approach to solving the problem.
  • Make sure that the message in the video is correctly recognized.

A few words about the process

In order to ensure that the viral video does not cause drowsiness, we advise you to take care of the dynamic installation and interesting perspectives during the shooting. Moreover, at the same time, no matter which one you choose the genre – or it will be a funny viral video or flash mobs and jokes or with an unexpected ending, etc. It is desirable that the picture changes every 5-10 seconds.

Well, if in the script you put an interesting scene, in the first 3 seconds of the clip, because according to statistics, it is at this stage that people decide to watch the story or something more interesting. To attract attention, you can use sound and visual effects.  In some cases, citations and insertions from popular movies or memes will be appropriate.  If you shoot on several cameras, then the viewer will be much more pleasant to watch.

To ensure that the viral commercial is widely disseminated, take care in advance of those venues where the video will be located.  In addition to YouTube and Vimeo, it could be social networks, perhaps you could agree with publishers or bloggers who will post your creation right after the release. For the popularity of the viral in YouTube is very important activity in the first two days. You need more comments, likes and reposts to bring the work to the tops.

Quality-and-value assurance

Establishing a viral video does not imply mandatory use of professional equipment with an eye to the highest quality, but if you make a picture qualitative, the likelihood of viewing increases.  Nowadays, when even schoolchildren shoot their blogs on decent cameras, it’s embarrassing to complain about technical possibilities and limitations.  Although for fairness, it is worth noting that sometimes intentionally poor quality in the video is an artistic device for sensing the documentary shooting.

If you are determined to shoot viral videos and the quality is more important to you than the price, we advise you to consider the “top” equipment.  The highest rated cameras now are the RED and ARRI.  In the talented hands of specialists, these devices will create the best images.  It does not mean at all that other equipment will not be able to cope with the task.

For a more or less good picture, you can use mirrorless cameras, Sony or Panasonic. It is also important to note that in all cases, lighting will play a fundamentally role in creating a composition and sometimes it makes sense to spend a budget on light devices than an expensive camera.  If the cost of a viral clip is very limited for you, then consider the option of shooting on smartphones or action cameras. Our team Edpit agency is a viral video production company, ready to come up with and create for you commercial of any complexity.  We will help in solving your tasks!

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