3d animation what is it? How much is 3d animation?

3d animation what is it? How much is 3d animation?

The question “3d animation what is it?” Can be answered as follows: this is a three-dimensional type of animation that repeats the laws of physics existing in life. About how much is 3d animation, you can talk only from the understanding of the script, task, timing and deadlines.

3d animation what is it How much is 3d animation

The main stages of creating 3d animation

In order to understand how much 3d animation costs, you need to understand the number of video production processes. Here are the main steps.

  • Development of the idea or concept of the future animation.
  • Coordination and approval with the customer.
  • Script writing for the video clip with all the details.
  • Development of characters, textures and locations.
  • Creating layouts. Statement.
  • Record audio track with speaker.
  • Create a draft.
  • Selection, writing or creating a music track.
  • Creating a sound track with interscapes.
  • Mastering the mixing of sound tracks.
  • Create a clean copy.
  • Delivery of the project.

3d animation budgets

Exact figures can be obtained only with an exact technical task, so we suggest that you get acquainted with the approximate budgets.

  • Creative part from $ 200.

The greater the amount of work and timekeeping, the more detail it is necessary to work with the critics and screenwriters. Not for nothing in an hour and a half of animated films – on the creation of the script takes from 6 to 12 months.

  • Creating characters, locations and textures – from $ 500
  • Creating 3d animation – from $ 500
  • Post-production images – from $ 200

Such a starting number is typical for simple videos where 3d is an addition to the main movie. Such a solution can be justified in 2d videos or in VFX interspersions. The creation of full-fledged 3d videos is calculated in budgets of several thousand, tens, hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. Therefore, the question “How much is 3d animation?” Can be answered that everything depends on the complexity of the project and the time it takes to develop it.

  • Sound design from $ 200

This includes the selection of music (from free, paid drains and an order from a composer). Purchase songs on special sites or directly order from the composer. Creating intershumov and sound design. Selection and recording of announcers taking into account fees and expenses for a recording studio. Recording and mastering – the work of a sound engineer.

Cheaper prices in animated 3d video

If the task is to make the animation as cheap as possible, then how can the cheaper options be:

  • Creating a movie in not high resolution, for example, in 720p. While the content is now being actively used in 1080p or even 4K. Of course, in a few years this video will look like an archaeological excavation, but today it will look quite tolerable on the screen of a smartphone.
  • You can take as an example a video with weak details. In other words, the essence will be clear, but the “wow” effect will not work. Such an exit can go up to video instruction for personnel, for example, a video evacuation scheme in case of fire. For commercial use, this animation is not suitable.

What influences the rise in the cost of budget 3d animation?

In the work of the edpit agency, we developed some markers by which the script can determine in advance the order of numbers of the future script. These triggers are:

  • If in the video there is a character or more. Creating a character, plastic, gait, elaboration of details – all this leads to higher prices. Architectural landscape with characters and without – will cost 2 different figures for the budget, you must take this into account.
  • The presence of a 3d animation of water. A lake, river, waterfall, fountain or spray – all this increases the time of work on the project. After all, the texture of water and drops is a very delicate work of specialists.
  • Explosions, smoke and other special effects. In the case, as well as with water, the work requires a huge resource of time by highly qualified specialists.
  • Edit If the customer changed the script during the creation of the video, the budget of the video increases by adding additional hours of work for new tasks.


There are no identical video clips, so you can judge how much 3d animation costs from the detailed script. Only an exact miscalculation of all the nuances allows you to calculate the exact budget of the video.


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