Want to make a cool video for yourself but don’t have much experience with it? Not a problem, we have created for you 4 critical rules for creating videos for kickstarter. We at edpit agency have been creating videos for a long time and we have a lot of useful information for you, so let’s get started!

Do not be like everyone else

Originality is your super power. Due to it, you will be able to attract and hold the attention of your viewer. So here are some tips for you on this topic:

  • Discard standard ideas. We at edpit agency throw the first 15 ideas that come to mind into the basket, and then the most not banal ideas come to us.
  •  Try at least to make an unusual beginning of your video, this will be your “hook”.
  • In order to hit the “bull’s eye” you need to study the audience, when you are on the same wavelength with it, then you will automatically stop “guessing on the coffee grounds”, you will immediately understand what is better for the audience and what is less cool. Try to conscientiously study the tastes of the audience, do not rely on “I already know everything about them.” When you purposefully begin to study the audience, you will discover a lot of new things, believe me.
  • Study the experience of competitors, pay attention to what videos they make and try to do the opposite (in a good way). What is this for? So that for the audience, it was you who looked different, new, different. Let everyone be in the general mass of information noise, and you must stand on a pedestal!

There may not be a second chance

No matter how trite it may sound, but you must do everything to the maximum. You will say it so obviously, but let me tell you a secret. Our experience in creating videos shows that not all clients fully understand the importance of some aspects. What they consider trifles and leave for later, we consider very important nuances. Here are some of them:

  1. Create a scenario. This should only be done by professionals. The script is the foundation on which your entire home rests. If something at this stage is poorly written or planned, then no high-quality equipment, location, lighting will help fix it. Tested by experience.
  2. What will be in the frame? The quality of a frame is affected by what is in the frame. A cool movie image can be obtained due to: location, lighting, acting, technology. Don’t neglect the little things.
  3. Team. To get a predictable result, it is better to contact professionals who can solve such problems without risks and surprises.

Cost optimization for video production

The 4 main rules for creating videos for kickstart could not do without one of the most important factors, namely money. Kickstarter videos are often low-budget videos. Therefore, one of the main rules is to optimize your budget. Here are some tips on how you can manage your money wisely to stay on budget.

  • Analyze the script for expensive or not “convenient” scenes. For example, if you scripted one not very important scene in a separate location, which is far from the main shooting, then you can think about replacing it or rewriting the scene in a more acceptable framework.
  • Look at the script, what are your most expensive scenes and how justified are they? So for example, if it is a powerful initial “hook” that will hook the viewer’s attention, then it is definitely worth it. And if, on the contrary, it is a worthless mediocre scene, then you should not throw money away.
  • The best budget optimization for any project is investing in a script.

Do not save on the team and actors

The team starts with screenwriters and ends with a colorist who completes your video clip in colors. All this greatly affects the final impression when the viewer watches your video. Today it is difficult to surprise the viewer, he has already seen a lot, so if from the first seconds he sees something secondary, then there is a risk that he will turn it off. A good experienced team will always give you results, due to the cohesion of the team you will not have downtime, overtime, and therefore additional costs. We can say that by hiring a team of professionals, you buy predictability.
A separate point, I would like to mention the actors. These are the people that the viewer sees in the frame. It is not worth saving on this and inviting friends, this can be seen in the frame and, in addition, increases the filming period within unpredictable terms – which entails additional costs. Thus, the money saved on the actor can play a cruel joke and you will pay a lot of money to the whole team, which, due to the fact that the “actor” cannot complete his task, will work overtime.


These were the 4 main rules for creating a Kickstarter video. We at edpit agency have been doing this craft for a long time and are ready to put all our experience into your video clip. Go to the contacts section and write to us or call us, we will be happy to talk with you!