One of the key points is that if you are asking how to create a successful kickstarter video, then you need to decide whether you shoot it yourself or hire a team?

If a team will make a video for you, then take this article as a guide for checking all the points of creating a video with your contractor. By the way, we write this text on behalf of edpit agency, we love and create such videos for kickstarter for more than a year. Therefore, you can contact us directly in the contacts section of this website.

Basic tips for successful videos

Creating a successful Kickstarter video can be a daunting task, but if you are inspired by our few ground rules, you can create an effective and impactful video that will grab viewers’ attention and increase your project’s chances of success. Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Tell a story. Try to tell a story that reflects your project and its goals. Don’t forget that your viewers want to understand why your project is great and why they should support it.
  • Show your product or idea. So that viewers can see him in action. Arrange high-quality shooting and editing to make your product more attractive.
  • Appeal to the feelings of the audience. Use emotions in your video to grab the attention of your viewers. Help them feel the enthusiasm and admiration that they can feel if they support your project.
  • Tell us about your experience. Tell us about creating the project, how you achieved your goals, and the challenges you faced. This can help viewers understand that you really believe in your project and that it deserves their support.
  • Explain your goals. Discuss what goals you want to achieve with Kickstarter and what challenges you are going to cross.
  • Explain what the collected amount will go for and how you will spend it?

The key to a successful video – script

How to create a successful Kickstarter video so that the viewer watches everything from start to finish? Let’s figure it out, we have thoughts and experience on this matter. The key here is that it is important to create a video that will sell and entertain viewers, here are some tips that can help:

  • Start with an intro that will grab the audience’s attention right away. Use interesting facts, stories, or mysteries to keep viewers interested and engaged in your script. We at edpit agency call this the “hook”.
  • Tell a story that will be the central theme of the video. Use bright action, rousing music and good visuals to make your story interesting and entertaining. All this can be laid at the stage of the script.
  • Show, not just tell. In addition to videos, you can also include photos and graphics to help the viewer better understand your story.
  • Use humor and irony where possible. Humor can help make your script more interesting and entertaining, as well as grab the audience’s attention. But it is important to remember that humor should be appropriate and fit your goals.
  • Add a few inflection points to your script that will get the viewer thinking about your product or service. Use whatever draws the audience in to your story and highlights what matters most to you.
  • End the scenario with a cool ending that reinforces your goal and calls the viewer to action. For example, use calls to action that will, among other things, inspire people.

How to understand that you have a cool team of professionals in front of you?

There are several signs that you should pay attention to in order to understand that you have a team of professionals in front of you who can shoot a cool video for you:


  • Work Experience: Look out for the team’s experience in video production. Check out their previous work to see what projects they’ve done before and what experience they have in the field.
  • Competencies: Make sure your team has all the necessary competencies to complete the project. For example, they must have the appropriate technical equipment, video editing skills, color correction, and so on.
  • Creativity: A good Producer/Director/Writer should have a creative approach to a project, and not just follow a pattern.
  • Make sure the team is experienced in creating original ideas that meet your needs and requirements.
  • Communication: It is important that the team has excellent communication skills and is able to understand your goals and requirements. They should be willing to communicate with you and provide regular progress reports so you have a clear and transparent understanding of the progress of the project.
  • Customer Testimonials: An experienced team should have many satisfied customers. View customer reviews on Google and testimonials left by customers who have already collaborated with the team. This will give an understanding of how they work and what results can be expected.


In this article, we discussed how to create a successful kickstarter video, from writing a script to choosing a team of professionals to film it. To successfully create a video, you need to have a clear goal, understand your audience and interact with a team of professionals with experience and sufficient competence. In addition, it is important to be creative, have excellent communication skills, and stick to deadlines and budgets. If you want to order a similar video for kickstarter from our team, then write to us by mail or contact us by phone on this site.