Make sure you understand your audience and position your brand correctly.

This is the most important point, without this point, our article 5 secrets of creating videos for kickstarter would not be complete. The entire video clip will lose its meaning if it does not “get” into its audience. Before starting work, you should know exactly who your audience is and who your brand is for the audience?

  • Lecture hall. Usually we at the edpit agency draw up a portrait for one particular person. It looks like a dossier on a person compiled by agents of special services. This is much better and more productive than general descriptions like “18 to 35 year olds with an average income.”
  • Company positioning. Here you decide who you are for your audience? A friend, partner, caring older brother or a friend with whom it is nice to drink beer once every six months? In marketing, this area is called the “brand archetype.” We will not write about them in detail here, because you can find such information on the Internet without difficulty.

Tell a story, even a short one.

It so happened that people since ancient times are more fond of listening to stories than a set of technical facts. It started from the time when people used to gather around the fire. Use history – as a working tool. Even if it’s 5 seconds of history, it’s not that important. Let’s define the main features of a good script:

  • Study. Here you collect all the information and even more on your topic, audience, and so on.
  • Idea. What is it all about? You must give a short and precise answer.
  • Episode plan. This is your structure, it describes the sequence of all episodes of the future video. You can plan every scene on paper so you don’t forget anything. In addition, you will also not remove anything superfluous with this approach. And time is money.
  • Scenario. The script is important not only to write, but also to rewrite. You can rewrite it as many times as you like, that’s fine.

відео для кікстартер\kickstarter video

Implement your idea as well as possible

This primarily applies to production. Production isn’t just about your camera. If we talk about the beauty of the frame, then 5 secrets of creating a video for a kickstarter cannot do without such a list:

  • Location. It’s easier to find a ready-made location, because creating from scratch will cost you much more.
  • Lighting. It doesn’t matter if you know how to use the sun or set up devices, but the beauty of each of your shots will depend on the light.
  • Decorations, props. It’s okay if you need scenery, each task has its own nuances. Make sure they are the best fit for your needs. Props are those details that will add credibility to your video clip.
  • Actors, costumes. Proven and proven by many years of experience, professional actors are better and always will be better than non-actors. Agree foolishly to jeopardize a shooting day by saving on actors.

Major mistakes in creating a kickstarter video.

Well, how could we do without mistakes? Mistakes are normal, the main thing is to be able to analyze and here is a short list of the most common mistakes that people make when creating a video for a kickstarter:

  • Writing a script without taking into account the budget of the video.
  • Invitation instead of actors – your friends and acquaintances. It’s not always bad, but it’s a lottery.
  • Rent an expensive camera instead of lighting and good location. The camera is at best in third place in priority after lighting, location, actors.
  • Saving on sound. Music, announcer’s voice, sound design – it’s all about 30% of your video, don’t forget about it.


These were the 5 secrets to creating a kickstarter video. If you want to contact a team of specialists who have good experience in this field, then write to us. You can find our contacts on this site. If you are a beginner and have decided to walk this path yourself, then go for it, the sooner you make all the mistakes, the sooner you will gain invaluable personal experience.