Our experience in creating commercials.

We at edpit agency have created a lot of good videos, so we want to share our experience with those who want to understand all aspects. Perhaps you want to shoot a video for crowdfunding platforms, or maybe you want to find the right contractor, this text will help you in both in any case. Our team creates videos for the whole world, customers appreciate our experience and attitude, so they are ready to send us their gadgets and inventions by mail so that we can shoot a full promotional video for them.

What is important to know and understand before shooting?

  •  The target audience. This will help you understand how best to create a script.
  • Your positioning. The way you present yourself in your video, the vocabulary, the tone, the humor in the video is just a small part of what your positioning influences.
  • Budget. If your budget is very limited, then it is important to understand this at the scripting and preparation stage. You will save time. After all, it’s stupid to write a script with many scenes, if you are limited in money, then it is better to immediately focus on what you and your friend can shoot with your camera. Budget limits are very important for planning the shooting process.

What is better not to save on when you want to shoot a video for crowdfunding platforms

There are things on which it is better not to save money when creating a video clip:

Scenario. The most important thing here is to turn to professionals. The script is what allows you to see the entire video clip even before it is created and, in which case, make changes. It’s better when the experts do it.
Team. A team with experience – will do all the work 100%. Even if you are not sure about something or do not have sufficient knowledge, the team will tell you how it will be better. Experience is what the team gains over the years, you pay for minimizing all risks.
Locations and lighting. This is what makes your frame beautiful and attractive.
Actors. We still hear from some people phrases from the series “and we will call our friend, he will act in film.” The problem is that you can put the budget of the entire video clip and the time on the line. The actor is the one whom the viewer sees and whom he “trusts” with his money. If the actor does not play convincingly, then everything goes down the drain. Therefore, a hundred or a couple of hundred dollars saved can be a big problem and a big expense.

Why is it best to work with us?

  • We have more than fifty excellent reviews about our work in Google maps.
  • We have a lot of experience in making videos.
  • We do all the work from idea and script to graphics and voiceover in your video.
  • Our customers keep coming back to us again and again.

Shooting a video for crowdfunding platforms is easy if done with professionals. Contact us at edpit agency and we will make a cool video for you.