Why is it important to make a good video?

A sales video for a kickstarter is something that will help you to successfully and quickly raise the necessary amount to start the production of your project.
Why video? Everything is connected with the fact that people today are not ready to spend a lot of time reading long texts. Time has changed. Today, information is transmitted very quickly and the best way to do this is to create a video clip. The main reason for choosing a video clip to promote your project is its versatility. The video conveys not only the visual range, but is also accompanied by sound, which increases the perception of the audience.

Top 3 Kickstarter Selling Video Secrets

  • A good video should have a story. Even if very small, even if 5 seconds. A person is arranged in such a way that any information framed in a story (funny or terrible, instructive or just curious) is better perceived and remembered. That’s why we at edpit agency spend time on scripting because it pays off.
  • It is not enough to come up with, it is also important to realize your idea. To make everything work out the first time, we recommend contacting specialists who know their business and have been working in the industry for a long time. For example, in our company everything works like clockwork, and all because all the mechanisms of work that do not relate to the creative part are honed to automatism.
  • Don’t forget about the sound design. This includes: music, sound design and announcer. Music can be written to order, or you can pick it up on special stocks, sound design will add realism plus in general will make your video an order of magnitude better, and the speaker, especially from a native speaker plus with the right accent, will add credibility. By the way, in our edpit agency we have a large database of speakers in all languages of the planet. Also in English, we offer our clients a lot of speakers from the UK and USA, including those with different accents from different regions.

So, selling videos for kickstarter has only 3 main secrets of creation, if you know about others, then write to us by mail in the contacts section on the site.

Key mistakes when creating a sales video for Kickstarter

It is also important to understand what mistakes you can avoid making. Here we are ready to share our experience, which is not obvious to people outside our industry. And indeed, we understand well how other sold companies work, because people often come to us after bitter experience with other companies. So here are the main mistakes:

  1. The customer selects a contractor who does not have the level of work he expects in his portfolio. What can I say – miracles do not happen. And it’s true, mothers are paid for experience.
    Savings on creativity and scripts.
  2. Shooting instead of professional actors – acquaintances.
  3. Directing ambitions of the customer. Probably this is a certain higher mental level of people who can afford to trust other people without interfering. We mainly work with such customers. They pay us money for what we know how to do every step of the creation. And nothing else.


Sales video for Kickstarter – has many components and many stages of creation. Doing such a project on your own – there is a possibility that you will make a number of mistakes, but next time you will be better oriented and understand. And if suddenly you do not have free time to understand the nuances of video production, then contact our company edpit agency, we will be happy to help you make a good turnkey video.