Why take the time to read this text? Because we have been making videos for many years and we understand something about it. Creating a video clip for Kickstarter is not a new genre for us either, so we share our vast experience below.

What is important to know if you order such a video?

  • The most important thing is to captivate the viewer from the first seconds.
  • Correct the script structure. The pace should not “sag”.
  • Think about what “hooks” you can use to keep the viewer’s attention. It can be a turn in the script, a frame change, a new action.
  • Don’t focus only on technical aspects. Spectators are emotional creatures, they need emotions, even if they want to “just buy”.
  • If you have no experience in making videos, it’s better to look for people who made all the mistakes.

In other words, a team of professionals will make everything much better and brighter than if this is your first video shoot. Even videos in the style of “filmed as if they were filming themselves” – you need to be able to shoot.

The secrets of creating a video clip for Kickstarter – psychology

We at edpit agency make videos a lot and often. Of course, there are some secrets of creating videos for platforms like Kickstarter, and even here we are not talking about the recommendations of the platform itself, but rather about psychology. A person must first of all believe in you, because if this is not the case, then the price and technical characteristics are no longer important. But how to do that? Here, as when meeting a girl, there is no one right answer.
For the last 11 years we have been doing one thing – improving the same property “how to make the perfect video?”. We do not have one single secret, rather it is a body of knowledge gathered from our experience. We are like artificial intelligence – every time we improve and do better and better.

Is there one big secret?

Creating a video clip for Kickstarter is a special kind of video content, but is there a master secret to creating such videos?
Even if there was one single secret, it would very quickly stop working. After all, others would start using it in their videos. Therefore, we offer our clients our vast experience, which we flexibly adjust to the customer. You can even assume that the videos that are considered successful for kickstarter today are less successful tomorrow. But of course, you should not neglect useful knowledge, they are all important. Even knowing “what not to do” is already a lot, believe me.

The main mistakes when creating a video for Kickstarter

  • Captures non-professional actors. Firstly, it can be seen in the frame, an ordinary person is likely to be either boring and without emotional in the frame, or, on the contrary, overact. In addition, with the actor – you can predict the shooting time. Now judge for yourself, risking a shooting day (which costs $1000-2000-3000) by saving $100-200 on an actor is very bad.
  • Savings on lighting and location. It is important to properly analyze everything that your viewer will see in the frame. Precisely by the fact that in the frame the viewer will judge you as a company. It is often better to rent a studio than to shoot at home. After all, the walls of a beautiful (for a frame) color are not always at home, plus the lighting leaves much to be desired.
  • Writing the script – independently, without professionals. A whole article is not enough to describe why each specialist should be engaged in his own kind of activity, so take my word for it that a person who writes scripts all his life will be able to more competently and effectively create a script that will sell anything.
  • Passion for technical aspects. If people acted exclusively rationally, then they would not buy expensive smartphones, clothes and cars. Therefore, consider this when creating a video clip. Emotion is what sells your product 10 times better than technical advantage.

Conclusions about videos for Kickstarter

It is better to entrust the creation of a video clip for Kickstarter to professionals, as well as the production of your product, the creation of your hairstyle, dental treatment, and so on. This way you save time and money. Moreover, launching a company on kickstarter requires money, so it’s better not to risk it. If you want to order a rendering of such a video clip, then write to us in the contacts section of this site.