6 reasons to order an animation for the site

6 reasons to order an animation for the site

Increase conversion, improve sales, increase awareness, all this is easier if you decide to order an animated video for the site. Here are the most important facts that speak in favor of creating an animated video. All stages went through the work in the projects of the Edpit agency and are purely practical knowledge.

6 reasons to order an animation for the site

Customer will appreciate the care

While your competitors are writing huge articles about the benefits (no one reads them), you post the animation on your website. Thus, you kind of say to your visitor: do not waste precious time, just click on the video. One video can save time for the client and you. Thus, you will be called by an “enlightened” customer who knows what he wants.

It’s faster than making a video

If we draw parallels with the filming of video clips, the creation of animation is faster. This truth is not about complicated 3D videos. In the process of working on the animation, there is no selection of locations, lighting, actors, and other things that take a lot of time. It is enough to create an exact script, to approve the scenes of the visual range and 50% of the work is done, all that remains is to animate. As for the edits, they are also easier to make than if it came to natural shooting. From the practice of work, it can be said that the production time for a roller takes from four days to two weeks.

Brand voice in animation

Sound in a video is an important part of learning, so the pleasant voice of the announcer adds loyalty to the video. Not in vain at strategic sessions it is customary to disassemble the archetype of the brand, what does it look like, how does it sound? After all, the announcer timbre is the voice of your brand. Competently voiced video increases the chance of a successful transaction. The choice of speakers is unlimited, for example, there are such categories options:

  • Timbre
  • Age (for example, children)
  • Floor
  • Tongue
  • Accent (e.g. English, London)
  • Famous (Brad Pitt, David Lynch)
  • Vocalists (Sing a song)
  • Parodists (portray from Santa Claus to Mickey Mouse)

24-hour seller is an animated video for the site

Usually taken to call for work from 9 am to 6 pm. The remaining 15 hours in a day your site is not 100% working, because Opportunities to contact by phone for consultation – no. And people just visit the site, looking for something and so on. One can hope that the person will leave a request with a question, but it happens that he just leaves the site. Placed animated video, can “answer” to frequently asked questions or simply dispel customer’s doubts. Therefore, one of the best ways to retain customers when entering is to order an animation for the site.

Difficult – just

When working in specific areas of business, where there is a contact with something new and technological customers have difficulties. People faced with complex issues – it’s easier to refuse than to go into details and, especially to make purchases. Animated video can “tell” about complex things in simple words on clear visual solutions. In such a situation, you enlighten a potential client who, having understood the situation, is more likely to make a deal.

No limit on the script

Anyone who made video clips knows that restrictions, prohibitions, lack of budget for locations and scenery are not uncommon. There are no such problems in animated videos. Restrictions only in the scriptwriter’s fantasy. Here we can create both open space and transfer the situation to anywhere in the world. The same applies to the number of people in the frame; in the animation, making extras is much simpler, faster and cheaper than when shooting a video clip live.


The whole business has long been transferred to the Internet and there are many tools to attract traffic. But this is not enough, to keep the visitor on your site you need to give him a little more than he expects. This bonus can be animated video. Briefly, colorfully, affordable – this is not the whole list, what good are these videos. Based on all the advantages, the best way to captivate the visitor is to order an animation for the site.


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