Animation movie for Paradise Avenue

Animation movie for Paradise Avenue

The task for an animated movie

The entire history of creation, began when Paradise Avenue decided to order an animated movie from our company. The task was to create a 15-second animated movie with the character Kuzey. Actions should be set in the location of the residential complex. In the video it was necessary to emphasize greenery, clean air and distinctive features. The character must be more cute than the hero in the Soviet cartoon.

Анимационный ролик - создание персонажа

Creating a creative animation

For fifteen seconds of the video, we proposed a poetic version of the narrative. In verse Kuzya lists the features and advantages of the complex. From the numerous variants of verses the customer and we chose the following option:

Зелена зона, кайфово і чудово

Тут є все, що я так люблю

Купуй житло та живи кльово

Заїжджай швидше (БЕМС!) в Paradise Avenue

According to the idea, the character runs across the country behind a butterfly, reads a poem, falls down and reads out the final phrase.

The hero and locations in the animation clip

After the approved concept, we began to consider the appearance of the hero, as well as the best location. On the hero was carried out work on the appearance, in particular with a look and a smile.

Анимационный ролик - создание

If the character – the decision on the appearance was taken quickly, then the choice of location made us think. Through a variety of tests and selections, we came to the conclusion:

  1. All actions should be developed around the lake in a residential complex, because this is a real distinctive feature. In the frame, you should see a restaurant standing on the lake, as the most important highlight.
  2. The character will move across the bridge across the lake to capture as much water as possible around the frame. There will be a general view of the houses, restaurant and water.
  3. We will have 2 scenes plus a pekshot. This is due to the fact that we had only 15 seconds for the whole video, of which 3 takes a pakshot. The first scene is the longest, showing the main attractions. As well as 2 short scenes, the video decoupling and animated screensaver with the logo.
  4. Before ordering an animated movie, the client voiced the desire to illuminate the green zone as best as possible and everything nearby. To show more space around, we decided that the camera in the 1st scene should rotate around the radius around the hero. In this way we will show greenery and other buildings plus create more dynamics in the frame.

Working out of additional details

The most important thing in animation rollers is attention to detail. It is on them that the overall impression of the outlook depends. Despite the short timing of the video, the details were more than 100, we will consider the brightest.

  • Gait of the Kuzi. Since in the Soviet cartoon the character was a puppet, and the animation technology was “torn”, then it was inappropriate to focus on the original. After studying a lot of modern American cartoons from Shrek to Zveropolis, we took the Minyon sample as a model.
  • Water. Special attention was paid to water in the frame, because this is a feature of this residential complex. Reflections of objects, lilies on the surface and even fog in the background were worked out.
  • The sky, the air. The air itself was filled with hardly noticeable fireflies. At the beginning of the first scene, the effect of sunlight entering the frame was created. In the sky above the complex, birds moving along the frame.

Work on sound in a video clip

For the voice acting of Kuzi, we conducted a small casting of the announcing voices, among which the most characteristic was chosen. Work on music was assigned to the composer. From the proposed options, we picked up the quietest, corresponding to the serene atmosphere of the animation clip. In addition, interstitials were added in the form of sweeps in the net, steps and fall of the Kuzi. Cherry on the cake was the sound of “bunch”, after the fall of the hero.


Order this animated movie was the right decision, after the launch of the video, the customer noticed a 30% increase in branded traffic.



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