Brief for the commercial. Link to download the example.

Brief for the commercial. Link to download the example.

A brief is a text document compiled or completed by a client to determine the purpose of an advertising company or video clip. The brief for the commercial is compiled by an advertising agency and is provided to the customer for completion. The accuracy of the tasks posed depends on the quality of the project by the contractor.

Starting with the main

In the work of Edpit agency we use short briefs that contain only the most important items. The rest of the detailed information we prefer to receive from the customer in personal communication during the strategic session.

What is the brief?

  1. Name of the company and / or product. It is important here to know whether the brand itself or the specific product of the company is advertised. For example, the company “Brewfest Monday” produces a new beer drink with a taste of watermelon “Watermelon buzz”. In this case, the name of the manufacturer’s company can only appear as a previously well-established brand. And in general 90% of the time will take the place of promotion of the product itself.
  2. Type of the video. Although the border between the TV commercial and the Internet has blurred almost completely, but there are still a number of features that are needed only for TV rotation. Also, the type of videos can include timing, for example, if it is a pre-roll for YouTube, that is, time limits. Image, viral or presentation film – all this is important to know or determine at the stage of the strategy.
  3. A task. What do you want to get after the viewers see the video? Maybe you need to talk about a new service, product, or simply declare your existence to the maximum number of people?
  4. The target audience. This is about your people, with whom you contact each day. It is not enough to know the age gap, gender and prosperity. For successful advertising, we at Edpit are trying to learn the most accurate portrait of a person. Habits, way of life, favorite places, films and 387 more details about “our man”.
  5. Slogan and its presence. It happens that companies do not have a slogan as such, or the firm does not attach much importance to it. On the one hand, for some advertisers the need for a slogan is a controversial issue, but there are objective reasons for it. If you look at it from the point of view of the contractor who creates the strategy, creative and shoots the video, the slogan works as an assistant. The main help of the slogan is that it briefly shows the main principles of the company. If the creators of the company have done this homework and have already registered the main mission of the brand, this will help get to the point when creating a video clip, sweeping aside all unnecessary. Otherwise, the creation of advertising can become a guessing.
  6. The main competitors. Knowledge of the market helps to understand what kind of budget you can solve the task set by business management. Agree, if you are a small brand for the production of soda, then going out on an equal fight with Pepsi and other companies will be a risky and costly affair. Perhaps your way out of the situation is to start positioning yourself as a piece product “not for everyone.” Because an equal fight with global brands can simply kill your business. In short, at this stage, everything is evaluated and analyzed in the market, which will help you attract new customers.
  7. What is unique about your product, service, company, brand? Perhaps you create sweets, but without sugar, so take care of people. Or you have your own taxi service and customers are offered to listen to audio books during the trip. Any product or service must have something of its own. Moreover, your audience will remember you precisely by this distinctive feature.
  8. References. These are examples of video by style, mood, lighting and so on. They serve to better understand what the customer wants or offers a contractor.

Download the brief for the commercial here


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