Case animation TV movie for Enteroklin

Case animation TV movie for Enteroklin


Create an animated TV movie for Enterocline, which is intended to eliminate the problems associated with the use of bad foods, seasonal fruits and other questionable food. 2D video clip for TV, must be 20 seconds, and also have a clear and simple message for viewers.

Case animation TV movie for Enteroklin

Lecture hall

At the strategic session, we revealed that our audience is a girl, about 30 years old, with her husband and child. Profession – manager, average income. Having studied the situation, we identified the problems that may arise with poisoning:

  • Meal on the street (shaurma, hot dogs).
  • Consumption of street kvass in the city and on vacation.
  • Consumed use of dubious beach food, for example, baklava.
  • Seasonal fruits and berries with nitrates.

Situation in the market of similar products

Most of the competitors focus on the symptoms, so the TV and the Internet are filled with video clips with people who hold on to the stomach and have a green skin tone. In our communication, we decided to refuse such messages for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, these are stamps that everyone uses.
  • Secondly, we wanted to stand out among the competitors.

Our video solutions

After going through the options, we stopped at the fact that it would be a musical animated advertisement with rap text. Moreover, our target audience is quite young, so this genre is not something new and incomprehensible. Easy unobtrusive rap – is perceived easier by the viewer than the simple text of the speaker. In the video itself, we will depict a beach on which different types of vendors will be shown in a row with their potentially dangerous product. Thus, we collected possible versions of summer products and, by writing a multitude of options, chose this verse for the song:

If ate a baked bread, but she is not fresh

He did not go shaurma, or another

IGhought a bitter berries, for the sake of vitamin

All know and take Enteroclin According to the text, the following objects were identified, alternately appearing in the frame: Saleswoman baklava. Seller of shawarma, dubious appearance. Trader of fruits and berries. Family of 3 people, father, mother and daughter.

The process of creating an animated video

The first thing was traced location, namely the beach on the sea. After that, all the objects in the frame, such as a van with shawarma, a fruit shop, a baklava shop, beach umbrellas, and so on, are worked out. At the third stage, the development of characters and animation, movement of limbs, eyes, facial expressions. Pekschot was created in the style of product packaging in a minimalist style: Enteroklin boxes, branded petals and a slogan.

Sound, music and song in animation

Creating a mini-song of the four lines was reduced to the choice of style of performance and voice of the artist. In the process of creation, we tried many options and settled on the most successful and interesting. To the main male party – female Bek vocals were added. Music track taken from the free flow. As always in such video clips, the sound producer made the mastering and mixing of the whole sound.

Ready video clip

By putting together the music track, backgrounds, objects, characters and pecshot we got a complete animated TV video clip for Enteroklin. The process of creating this video took about 3 weeks. The video below is the final result of the video:


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