The task of the promotional video

The client came to us with the task to create a promo for online games. The video clip should hold attention, be interesting and fascinating for the viewer.

Idea and script

Our team began to develop options for ideas and stories. Of the 3 proposed concepts, the client chose one, over which we did a creative work on improvement and optimization. Thus, we have a story about how 2 robbers hack a secret object, wade through alarms and reach the safe. Having blown up the safe doors, the robbers penetrate inside and discover something valuable, namely the new game Fugaso. We worked on individual episodes all the scenes, removed the excess, added the necessary and approved the selected option with the customer.


In order for the creative team to better understand the director’s vision, a director’s storyboard / animatic is created. This is a set of pictures or sketches, assembled in the right sequence according to the script. After reading this material, it’s much easier for the production operator to understand the task and create a visual series of a future commercial.

Selection of locations for commercials Fugaso

According to the task, it was necessary to find suitable places in the following episodes and scenes:

  • Large building of a secret object (skyscraper or something similar);
  • Breaking the main entrance;
  • Penetration inside;
  • Passage through the corridor, basement with communications;
  • Running past the surveillance camera;
  • Passage of laser alarm;
  • Safe – outside door;
  • The place where the heroes hide after laying explosives;
  • Safe – the interior of the room with the treasure.

All locations in the room were found and selected in the quest rooms of one of the Kiev entertainment. The entrance door to the secret object was found at the sports complex, as glass doors perfectly fit the idea. All locations approved expedition as a director and operator.


In the process of creating the script, we already had an understanding of the looks of the actors. These were our long-time acquaintances from past projects, Igor and Mikael. Since we knew about their abilities and qualities, it was enough for us to hold a photo casting, which was started by the client at the client.

Кейс по созданию рекламного ролика для FugasoКейс по созданию рекламного ролика для FugasoКейс по созданию рекламного ролика для Fugaso

Creation and selection of props for promotional video

Despite the success in the selection of locations, still had the task to supplement the image of a secret object and heroes with props. Based on the script and storyboards we got the following list:

  • Clothing and footwear of robbers;
  • Outfit of robbers: gloves, flashlights, pistols, masks, bag;
  • The entrance display for a door, and also an electronic master key to it;
  • A can of paint for painting the “surveillance camera” plus protective glasses for the lens;
  • Water spray for detecting laser alarms;
  • The main explosive with the display, plus a few additional, interconnected.
  • Real firecrackers to simulate a safe detonation (sparks and smoke);
  • Secret case with a tablet inside;

For the exclusive props that had to be done under our shootings, we turned to the professionals, where we ordered an “electronic master key”, “explosive” and an overlay for the doors. Some of the necessary techniques remained at the mercy of the smoke machine: from light haze to thick smoke during and after the explosion. Everything else was decided to improve with the help of computer graphics.

Кейс по созданию рекламного ролика для Fugaso

Shooting advertising video

The producer organized and planned the shooting day at a convenient time for all participants. The camera crew has chosen for themselves the lighting and shooting equipment. The make-up artist thought out and agreed on the look of the make-up for the heroes. On the day of the shooting, a props was received from the manufacturer, as well as instructions on its use. Short review of the shooting day:

Кейс по созданию рекламного ролика для FugasoКейс по созданию рекламного ролика для FugasoКейс по созданию рекламного ролика для FugasoКейс по созданию рекламного ролика для FugasoКейс по созданию рекламного ролика для Fugaso

Installation, colorist work, graphics

In several stages of creating drafts, the best editing option was obtained, although without some frames that interfered with history. Since some props offered add-ons using computer graphics, the team developed a plan to add a number of effects to the video. In addition to the planned stages such as the display of the bomb, the display of the entrance lock and the tablet, it was decided to “improve” the effect of the blast wave. Below are examples of episodes before and after graphics and colorist work:

Sound Design and Intersums

All steps, squeaks, spray cans are recorded and superimposed separately, at the postproduction stage. This allowed us to save a lot of time, as well as get the opportunity to change sounds if necessary.

Кейс по созданию рекламного ролика для Fugaso


The musical accompaniment was created by order from the composer. Tasks were announced and examples of work were provided. The composer was already working with finishing material, so he could get into the idea of ​​an advertising promotional video as much as possible.

Кейс по созданию рекламного ролика для Fugaso

Ready promotional video for Fugaso

Thus, it took several weeks from the moment of creating the idea to the finished video clip. At each stage, the necessary specialists were connected, which made it possible to work on the project systematically.

The final view of the final version of the video: