Cost of the commercial

Cost of the commercial

Often, customers have questions about how the budget of advertising videos is formed, what not to save and what pitfalls can there be? Here we would like to describe in detail what the value of the commercial is, and also the parameters that affect the price.

Idea and scenario

The most important thing on which the advertising budget depends is the scenario and it should not be confused with the idea. Even if you come up with an idea, it still will not allow you to shoot a video. A detailed scenario is needed for the crew to start working on the video. Handle better to experienced professionals. Based on the scenario, you can calculate the options for budgets.

Internet or TV?

It used to be assumed that TV commercials require more expensive shooting equipment, but as practice shows, today this border is erased. Since the audience has migrated from the TV to the Internet, the brands are also increasingly willing to pay decent budgets for the Internet-oriented commercials. For today the TV clip differs only in the large amount of documentation attached to the video. Channels require permission to use music accompaniment, the consent of the actors and so on.

Shooting technique

This is the wedding operators have their own technique, and at a high level, only a camera can stand as a sports car, so other standards work here. There are separate companies that deal with the maintenance and delivery of expensive equipment to the set. This approach allows point selection of equipment for the necessary tasks. Although even in the case of own equipment – it does not change anything, in any case there is a need for depreciation. The complexity of the script depends on what technique will need to be included in the cost of the commercial.

As a rule, good specialists do not compromise, so hiring an experienced and in-demand team, be ready to pay for the top equipment in a technical rider. Otherwise, the team will not be able to guarantee you the highest quality. If your video provides for complex camera angles, spans and camera races, and so on, then this involves the use of special techniques that will allow you to realize what you have planned. All this will increase the artistic value, but will also increase the budget of your project. The footage from the air also makes the video more fun, but it implies additional spending.


Good or bad, but not all frames can be shot with natural light. An experienced gopher and illuminators with the help of light devices will create a “cinematic picture” in your advertising video. And if the shooting technique works as a rule from batteries, then for light devices a source of electricity is required. If the survey takes place, for example, in the field, then a generator or a mobile station with the appropriate power will be required.

Locations and the number of shooting shifts

If according to the scenario you have to shoot mountains, the sea and a metropolis in the commercial, then the budget will have the costs of several shifts. These costs will include the cost of equipment, crew, catering, accommodation (if different cities and places) and so on.


Even if you shoot in your hometown and it seems that all the members of the team can get by themselves, then the technique, light, props, catering – need to be transported.

Fees of the crew

From the writer and the producer, to the casting director and make-up artist.

Special Effects

If you have a winter scenario, and you have 6 months before December, then you need artificial snow, it’s definitely cheaper than going to a winter resort and transporting the entire crew. The same goes for effects with pyrotechnics.


After everything is filmed – the fun begins! Installation, colorist work, graphics and animation. Also in the cost of the commercial is a speaker, studio, sound engineer and musical accompaniment. These are the main steps in budgeting, you can learn more about the price, by writing to Edpit agency or by calling.


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