Cost of the viral clip

Cost of the viral clip

What is a viral movie?

Viral video is a video clip distributed by people on the Internet, with the help of reposts or direct publications. The most common means of distribution are social networks, e-mails or websites. The cost of a video clip is always individual and depends on the complexity of the implementation.

How much can a viral movie cost?

The cost of video in the first place is calculated based on the idea. And the idea itself can be implemented in many ways. Another thing is that the dependence of quality on the budget is directly proportional. It is quite logical and fair to segment the types of virus clips based on the shooting equipment. After all, a set of equipment is always justified by a miscalculation of the project and preparation. Let’s look at the main ways that you can remove such a movie.

  • Mobile phone, smartphone. These videos are in the style of “accidentally” shot on the street or in an institution. In such video viewers, it’s easiest to believe in the reality of what is happening despite the pseudo documentary.
  • Surveillance cameras. 98% as the first point, but the emphasis is on recording from installed cameras on the street, at home or in an institution.
  • Mirror or non-SLR cameras. Often used because of their reasonable price and acceptable quality.
  • Professional cameras, movie cameras. The highest level of professionalism implies the highest quality of the picture. If earlier there was a strict restriction on the quality between TV commercials and Internet videos. The Internet was dominated by amateur videos. Now this border is practically erased and the so-called Internet videos hit with budgets and scope.

Cost of the viral clip

Based on the shooting technique you can understand for yourself which class the movie will be for you. It is logical that, for example, on a movie camera – costs do not end. Usually this kind of technology pulls and other costs from the world to many professionals, so the cost of a viral clip

increases. Although not all so simple. So, for example, a video clip allegedly accidentally shot on a surveillance camera – can be prepared by a huge team. A pseudo-documented method is a way of sweeping up tracks to make the video look random, not staged.

How is the price of a viral video calculated?

  1. Preparation. From the script and the idea to the location and the actors, everything requires the resources of time and money. The more difficult and longer, the more expensive and better.
  2. Shooting. Starting from the organization of work, the delivery of technology and photography, ending with feeding and organizing the living conditions of the crew.
  3. Postproduction. Installation, sound, copyright on the use of music and so on. Sometimes you may need a 3D graphics and compositing, which can cost a lot of money.
  4. The cost of props, locations, fees, all this is a solid part of any professional video.

How do virus videos work?

Any funny or fascinating content has a good potential to become a viral clip. Each person sending such a video to his friend, as it were, emphasizes his wit. Your task here is to provoke a person to do everything so that a person wants to use the video either for humorous purposes or simply with admiration. Such a video can be created for the anger of the day or notice today’s reality. Sometimes the authors of the videos work with the expectations or labels of the society.


A really good viral movie the viewer should want to share with his friend, otherwise it’s all in vain. The cost of a viral clip is all a conventional figure. The most important thing is for him to solve the problem. There are cases when millions of views are typed in commercials filmed for pennies, and a bright factor in it was the idea.


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