Project objective

A client contacted us, the Aport Internet platform with the task of creating a 3D pre-roll video clip to promote his company. The creation of 3D pre-roll (preroll) was to show household appliances and gadgets that the client can compare on the site for the price. The animated video should have a pleasant male voice of the announcer, beautiful non-distracting music in the background, bright colors, a call to action and a slogan. In addition, it was important to fit the entire movie in 15 seconds.

The process of creating a 3D pre-roll (prerol)

The first step was to develop a vibrant concept. As planned, in a video clip, gadgets appear in sync with key advantages one by one. Each new gadget is a new color scheme. At the beginning and at the end of the video clip packshot with the logo of the Internet resource.

Создание 3д pre-roll (прерола) для Апорт

Creating 3D models

Then we proceeded to create 3D models that were developed in turn according to the list from the client. These are the so-called most frequently requested gadgets and appliances. The list was as follows:

  • Smartphone;
  • Headphones;
  • Laptop;
  • TV;

Important details when creating a 3D pre-roll (prerol)

Creating a 3D pre-roll (pre-roll) is not only a study of 3D models, it is equally important that it creates an atmosphere and the right mood. We at edpit agency spend a lot of time on the details that give a special charm to the video clip.

  1. An announcer is how the brand voice sounds in the commercial, so it was extremely important to choose the right voice. The client completely entrusted us with this task, but we, with extensive experience working with many, were able to pick up that particular voice that sounds nice.
  2. Music is no less the main attribute. It is the music in the video clip, pre-roll (pre-roll) that determines the perception of mood, which the brand must convey to its viewer. We chose the most lightweight and modern composition on a paid stock.
  3. Captions are what the viewer will read when he watches our 3D video without sound. Often people surf the Internet at work or in a crowded place, where there is no way to turn on the sound normally. Therefore, captions – this is what will consolidate the most important points in the mind of the viewer.
  4. Dynamics – this is what supports the audience’s attention. Due to the skills of the motion designer, graphic crashes, graphic elements that added dynamics were developed. Even the barely noticeable shadows under the emerging gadgets give the 3D roller realism and depth.


Creating a 3D pre-roll (prerol) for Aport


Creating a 3D pre-roll (pre-roll) is a multifaceted task, involving many specialists from a motion designer to an announcer. An important fact is the creation of the right concept, because this is the basis on which the entire video clip is built. It is always important to remember that there are no trifles, therefore, along with beautiful 3D models, the rest of the concept will be competently worked out from color and light to sound design.