Creating viral videos is the main thing

Creating viral videos is the main thing

For any brand is very important to be noticed, and even better to be on the ear, this task can be solved by the creation of viral videos. Any such video is spread over the Internet and people involved will learn about the brand, which is a plus. Viral can be considered the video that has spread well across the network, and no matter what the budget was. Sometimes the Internet is “blown up” by videos made on the phone, and sometimes with the involvement of a large film crew. Let’s understand the intricacies of creating viral promotional videos.

Create viral videos

How to start a viral video?

There are no technical conditions that must be fulfilled. The main task is for the video to gain wide popularity among people. Therefore, there can be many technical solutions:

  • Shooting on a mobile phone. Including pseudo documentary.
  • Mirror and without mirror photo devices.
  • Action camera for extreme shooting. Sometimes they are used to simulate surveillance cameras.
  • Professional cinema equipment.

To hit the viewer with exciting videos you need to have the skill to invent exciting stories. After all, we do not consider now the situation when the video gained popularity by chance. First you need to conduct a detailed analysis of the audience that we want to interest. Studying people, you can draw in front of a picture of the interests of the audience and take up the concept and strategy.

Only two options

Creating viral videos can be an easy process if you know the strategy and tastes of your audience.

There may be two scenarios:

  1. Exploit a popular topic today.
  2. Create a viral theme yourself.

In the first case, you need to work on the context of time and what events are happening today. In the second, try to catch the wave and predict that tomorrow can be a good “shot.”

Here are recommendations on which topics you can work on to better penetrate the context:

  • Live communication in life with the right audience. Parties, street, gathering places.
  • Online platform with a dwelling audience.
  • Music.
  • Music videos.
  • Types of movies.
  • Clothes, style.
  • Books, magazines, Internet portals, groups in social networks.
  • YouTube channels and bloggers.
  • Other sites.

This list can be changed and widely supplemented depending on the type of audience.

Errors when creating viral videos

The task is the minimum of any video to be watched to the end. But there are a number of obstacles that can prevent this. We suggest to get acquainted with the most frequent errors:

  • Time-delayed video. The viewer has a lot of interesting things on the Internet to watch long videos.
  • Lack of “hooks” attention. This is an important aspect, because if the viewer is not interested in the viral video, it will simply go away or switch. Start the video immediately with an interesting moment and feed attention throughout the entire video.
  • Bad or substandard sound. This can discourage viewing, even if your idea is truly good.
  • Casting actors. If the casting is weak, then the actors can fail with the acting and spoil the overall impression.

Methods to promote viral video

Of course, if nobody sees your video, then all efforts are in vain. Despite the fact that the video implies independent distribution – a small push at the start will not be superfluous. Here are some ways to set a good pace for your video:

  • Review order from video blogger
  • Advertising in social networks
  • YouTube Advertising
  • News sites, groups


Creating viral videos will be successful if you involve an experienced team. But it should be noted that one technical implementation will not be enough, you need to follow the quality of strategy and creativity. We at the Edpit agency advise you to familiarize yourself with the portfolio before working with the company. Having a good job will give you confidence in the contractor.


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