Do you need a commercial?

Do you need a commercial?

Creating a commercial, it would seem, is a question that does not require much discussion. But any undertaking can be reduced to such a phrase: who needs that and already knows who does not – similarly. And this is more a dead end than an explanation. After all, for an objective assessment, a business owner or marketer needs to do two things:

  • View your business from;
  • View your business in a longer time perspective.

We look at the business / brand through the eyes of customers

It happens that people in the daily routine of their business do not see a number of simple improvements that will change people’s perceptions. Thanks to such small shifts, a business can get a solid increase in customers or new directions. These simple steps include the creation of a commercial. Often, many businesses require a few simple changes to improve the conversion on their site. These tools include video content. Here are options for how a promotional video can help a person on your site:

  • In non-working hours, the video on the website will help to keep up to date or tell about your product or service.
  • Unlike a long article, the video will tell about the nuances in a short time.
  • Unlike text, a video clip is just enough to click.
  • Google search engine will appreciate your position in the issue, after the appearance of YouTube video.
  • YouTube is the most popular video hosting in the world, so you just have to be there with your offer.
  • Even if you currently have low positions in the search service, you can appear in the top three. Sign your
  • YouTube videos with the name of your service and, in a regular Google search, will offer not only websites, but also your videos. And there is already a question of the correctness of customer retention.

We look at the business / brand in perspective

Before writing this article, the author wanted to highlight businesses as examples where a video clip is not required. Such an example was the Bread Shop. But on reflection, it became clear that if a business plans to grow, even here a video clip may be relevant. Consider options for the bread shop:

  • Shop can sell not only on the street, but also on the Internet. In this case, a video clip about the ingredients, recipes and traditions will be appropriate. The audience that has never seen this bread-shop live before can, using video content, understand everything they need about the product.
  • Video clip on how to easily make an order on the site and get delivery in an hour.
  • Such an interesting business can have its own traditions, and if not, then they can be created. People are more interested in buying bread where there is an interesting story, rather than in an ordinary grocery store. Image video is best to tell this story to viewers.

The above items can apply not only to the site, but also to the page on social networks.

How to create a video clip if there is no budget?

So, you already aim to create something, but there is no money for production. The best solution in this regard will be video blogging about your business. At the moment, the most affordable way to shoot is a smartphone. Consider the example of a bread bakery for shooting:

  • Overview of ingredients.
  • Communication with suppliers of ingredients.
  • Lighting the process of making bread.
  • Feedback from loyal customers.

These are only four options that immediately come to mind. Surely the real owner of such a bakery can name ten times more interesting topics for a video. From the client’s point of view, such openness on the part of the owner is most attractive compared to the place where bread is baked behind closed doors.


Nowadays, open business gains more trust from customers. Previously, it was difficult to imagine if a serious business is engaged in publishing content on social networks. Now, on the contrary, only outsiders or super-conservative companies do not have such an outlet to their audience. That is why video content is becoming an indispensable way in communication between the brand and the audience. After all, video is the most understandable and universal way to transfer information.


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