History of creation of edpit agency

History of creation of edpit agency

The Big Bang Theory

The history of the creation of the edpit agency began a long time ago, when the iPhone seemed something transcendental, and tucked pants incredibly fashionable. In those days, people still didn’t really know what YouTube was, and video bloggers could be counted on the fingers of one hand. In a distant galaxy there was a cosmic surge and on the earth there was a meeting of two people named Edward and Svetlana. The big bang was truly huge and led to the creation of a creative platform – edpit agency.

Where does the sound come from?

Before the big bang, Edward, being a lover of filming, was engaged in the production of promotional videos made on his knee. He himself worked as a sales manager and devoted all his free time to video shooting of all living things. Sometimes it was shooting short films, sometimes video clips for thanks. When Svetlana appeared on the horizon, all this tumultuous activity acquired the shape of a business, where the client received an interesting and creative offer by paying money for it. Svetlana, by the nature of her activity, was not alien to logic and common sense, therefore making any adjustments to the business model was immediately rewarded in the form of profit. And really rapid growth was due to a number of quite logical reasons:

  • The client receives much more than it gives.
  • Produced product is a working creative.
  • All arrangements regarding budgets and deadlines are strictly adhered to.
  • Work with each client is an individual project, all solutions are created for a specific business.

Thus, a scheme of work emerged, where Svetlana is responsible for the strategic development of the company, and Edward for the creative and the product itself.

Первый корпоратив

Self swimming

Thus, Svetlana and Edward began to acquire customers who gladly rewarded the company for their work. Being still hired employees in other firms, our heroes began to seriously think about getting off the needle and fully doing their work.

“We understood that by leaving our heated places we would be able to free up more time for our business,” says Svetlana.

“It was just necessary to take a step,” Edward said later.

The decision was right

As a sprouting sprout, which finds its place and makes its way through the asphalt, so the edpit agency began a difficult and rapid way. Despite the difficult situation on the market and the huge competition, our heroes were able to stand and move in the right direction. After a while, the company had a great experience, and new customers increasingly found edpit for the works created. After a short period of time, facts appeared confirming the correctness of the chosen path:

  • Word of mouth among partners gives new customers.
  • National scale customers in various industries.
  • Customers from outside their home country, USA, Israel, England.
  • Millions of views of particularly successful work.

Thus, more and more companies began to appear that said: “We have seen your work for other companies, so we trust you completely, do as you see fit.”

На съемках

This is just the beginning.

The history of the creation of the edpit agency does not end there, but rather continues. The principle of edpit agency is the constant development and search for new solutions. Every day we wake up with the thought of becoming a better and better world around us. The company’s policy is to improve the businesses that apply to us, giving them creativity, ease and recognition. Big ideas are simple ideas, but simplicity is always a difficult, painstaking path through creativity.


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