Task video clip

At the meeting with the client, we identified the need for an advertising promotional video. The company Block Master Ukraine had an international exhibition. The video should show the production, as well as the installation of solar panels and boxes.

Field Survey Plan

For filming a promotional video, we, together with the customer, chose 2 locations. The first location under the plan, was in the Odessa region, where the installation of solar panels. The second location is in the Khmelnitsky region, on the company’s main production. We had the following tasks:

  • According to the plan to remove the processes of installing solar panels.
  • Shooting the work of machinery, tractors.
  • The work of engineers on the site.
  • General plans and aerial views of the entire site.
  • Timeleps shooting one or half a day on the field.
  • Shooting the production of modular units.
  • The manufacture of individual parts of the modules.
  • Painting works.
  • Assembly of panel equipment.
  • Electroplasma work of the machine and so on.

Как создавался ролик для Блок Мастер Украина

Shooting at locations

Having reached the first day on the field with solar panels, we began to shoot all the scenes on the list. We were assigned several specialists who were guides and advised on certain technical issues. In the course of the shooting, we picked up a good pace and in the afternoon we shot all the planned scenes. Of the most interesting tasks were the following:

  • The main complexity of the process was the need to form frames in such a way as to place computer graphics on them.
  • Shooting from the air.
  • At the highest point in the field, a separate camera was installed, which was shooting all day with a field with solar panels. Later the footage was sped up and a scene of a few seconds at the very beginning of the video turned out.
  • For the artistry of the frame, we decided to wait for the sunset. At sunset, the sun is especially beautifully filled with soft light. The result can be seen in the video.

Как создавался ролик для Блок Мастер Украина
On the second shooting day, we were filming production processes. The high ceilings of the workshops made it possible to take pictures from the air, but it was necessary to do this very carefully, as there were dangerous areas in the ceiling area, which increased the risk of a collision with the camera. In the course of shooting a video clip, one had to follow simultaneously the following important aspects:

  1. Security camera sweat ceiling shop
  2. Filling frame. In some scenes we asked the workers to take certain positions for better filling of the frame with people.
  3. All the time I had to compose frames for future computer graphics.
  4. The time of production processes is limited, so we watched for a strictly limited time.


Since in fact, the video was created for the exhibition, then there was no need for a voice-over. We just chose a musical composition that served as a background so that in future this video could be spread on the Internet. The screen area on which the video was planned to be displayed was about 45 square meters. Therefore, it was extremely important to keep the 4K size 3840 × 2160 shot on the installation, in order to avoid pixelation. The whole post-production stage was divided into the following list of work:

  • The choice of music.
  • Installation draft.
  • Assembling a piece of wood.
  • Creation of computer graphics based on pre-prepared text and elements.
  • Color correction advertising video.
  • Create Peschot.

Как создавался ролик для Блок Мастер Украина