How to make a viral video?

How to make a viral video?

Often companies take promo videos about their company, where they talk about themselves and their business. But this is not enough to raise the hype around your brand or greatly increase awareness. Therefore, one of the most effective ways is to shoot a viral video.

We will go through the main stages of creating such a video and describe the main nuances. This article is a step-by-step instruction on how to make a viral video.

Determining with the audience

A viral video is something that people will send to each other. And in order to make you want to send your video clip, it should be interesting to the audience, who may later buy your product or service. Therefore, it is important to accurately determine the character for whom you are shooting a video clip. If the understanding of “who is your audience” is not obvious, then interview the people who communicate more with customers, these can be:

  • Sales Manager, he probably has communication with people every day.
  • Administrator at the entrance to your establishment. If you say a hairdresser or a beauty salon, then the administrator contacts with the people who have come every day.

How to make a viral video

In case you have an online store, then the deliveryman who brings the parcels will most likely be able to tell you in detail who your target audience is, because he meets with clients every day.

The viral clip organically with your brand

When you think over the strategy of your viral video clip , be sure to keep in mind that the humor, presentation, tone of the video clip must match the style and archetype of your brand. This is important so that the viewer can associate you with a video clip. Here is a list of good examples:

  • Your brand is a youth brand of chips, so a roller with dizzying stunts in the style of “the guy on a bicycle flew over the canyon” will look good. Having landed after a jump, he can take one chip from the pack, which is kept by his girlfriend.
  • Your brand is a service station (network). You can make a random video from a webcam, about how a master of fuel oil dances in the workplace with headphones, without noticing how the boss came behind.

Plots, scripts and creative for a viral video

We are always trying to find an edpit agency insight, which is then used in the plot of the viral video clip. Insight is what your audience knows and does, but is hardly recognized if asked directly. Insight is one of the main keys that will help the creative team and director to understand how to make a viral video. Let’s take a look at what insights there are in life:

  • Many of us walk naked or in cowards alone when we stay at home.
  • This is a good platform for funny videos.
  • Here you can expand the plot in any direction, from the hidden camera and the unusual behavior of the hero to some ridiculous misunderstanding in the style of “the hero went out into the corridor, and the door slammed shut, now he is in his underpants”.
  • This insight can be applied if you are selling lingerie.
  • When you are in an unfamiliar company and you have nothing to do, you get a smartphone and watch the time. This can be a platform for a story about a mobile application for learning English.

The message may be that now you do not need to waste time, install the application and learn English, spend time with benefit. Yes, certainly there is little to find insight, it needs to be “trimmed” and put into the plot so that it is exciting and maybe even ridiculous.

The main task is for the viewer to recognize himself or his friend and laugh. If you simplify, then the recipe for finding insight is the following: We are looking for insight around our product. If we don’t find it, we’re looking for it around our audience. If you don’t find it here, you’ll find it around friends and acquaintances and so on until you find it. your budget, the more you can afford.

Experienced filmmakers know that the camera and lighting budget is not the largest in the total budget. Therefore, even if you have a video clip in the style of “filming for a hidden webcam”, it’s all the same that what is being shot directly in the frame itself requires elaboration and budget. Let’s highlight the most important points in the estimate of any viral video clip.

  • Scripts and creative.
  • Locations, scenery.
  • Lighting and technology.
  • Acts and makeup.
  • Team experience.


The process of any shooting depends on the quality of the preparation and elaboration of details. Understanding who your audience, its interests, goals – will give you tips on how to make a viral video. One of the important aspects is that your video matches the style of your brand and company values.


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