Music for the commercial

Music for the commercial

How is music selected?

  1. Genre. Music for an advertising clip, like gasoline for a car, “direction of movement” – will set the genre. It is important to understand which audience you are addressing, compare it with the story in the video, plus compatibility with the positioning of your brand. For a youth audience – any genre of rap, punk or electronic music will do. An adult educated audience can be pampered with a symphonic sound, if it is appropriate.
  2. Mood. As in the movie, you control the mood of the viewer. To emphasize the calm of a summer day, easy pop music is suitable. The cello is best suited for forcing the voltage. Drive scenes are well perceived in conjunction with vigorous music, the genre from classical to hard rock.
  3. Rhythm. Each genre has its own scatter in rhythm, so we suggest you choose the rhythm that will best interact with your video near. If you shoot a girl on a run, it’s better to make music faster, in time to run. In the case of filming a romantic picnic – the best choice will be slow quiet music.

Where to search for music?

Where does the music for the commercial come from? In the practice of Edpit agency, we are faced with 3 main cave treasures, where you can find the right music.

  1. Paid and free drains. These are sites on the Internet, where people can go, listen, download a demo version and choose the right music for themselves. Because for free entries demand is more, then often the same music appears in different advertising videos. The only thing that the author of such music asks is to indicate the name and contacts of the copyright holder in the comments to the video. Pay music is also used by no company, but it happens less often. The rights to such music are transmitted in part or in full, depending on the terms of the contract and the budget.
  2. Composers. It’s not free, but you get “super-exclusive”. You can bring an example (reference) to a specialist, and he will, at the agreed dates, offer you a completely copyrighted work. Depending on the tasks, the composer can make a track with the help of sampling, live play and even attracting musicians from the orchestra.
  3. Performers, stars. Here everything is simple, you write a letter to the label of the right artist, make a money offer or ask for a price and then buy the rights to the music for use in your advertising. Advantage – you get a super hit, which your target audience knows and loves. The disadvantage is that the price can bite.

Length of music for the commercial?

You bought music, but it can be much longer than necessary. Split in the middle of the track – does not work, in such cases, an experienced sound engineer or even an arranger can make a beautiful final point in the right place, even having on hand only a finished song without a project. The ideal option is to immediately apply to the composer, he and the rhythm will pick up what you need and finish the composition where necessary.


Music for the commercial is a business card and the main driving force of your brand. The right selection of music enhances the success of your advertising campaign. An important step in the strategy phase is to identify the audience, its tastes and preferences, otherwise you are guessing.


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