Order a video about the company – 7 tips

Order a video about the company – 7 tips


Before ordering a video about the company, do your homework on your brand. Provide important information about competitors, this will help determine the strategy. Set at what point the company is now and where you want to go. What are the advantages of your company to competitors, what is the mission of the brand? One of the things that an agency can offer you, but such things as your mission and philosophy should be written by company executives.

Cut off the cheap by ordering a video about the company

A video clip is the face of your brand, so pay attention to this aspect and do not save on yourself. A product in which more than 20 team members participates can not cost cheap. Low price – the first bell, that you are trying to sell something bad. Usually in serious projects specialists of a narrow focus work, due to this, the best quality is achieved.

See portfolio

To determine the appropriate contractor company for sure, look at the portfolio on the website or YouTube channel. Ask the representative to show examples of such projects. Viewing works will help determine if the tastes match. It is important that the lack of work specifically from your industry – does not mean that the contractor is not competent. This can play a better side for you. Working with the new sphere, new horizons are always opening up and fresh approaches are being devised. In the end, for any advertiser – the goal to get to the feelings of a person, whether it’s cars or drops from the cold.

Ask for the numbers

Before ordering a video about the company, ask for information about past successes. By requesting specific figures, you can get an understanding of the effectiveness of the agency or production. But there are nuances. If the agency was engaged only in the creation of video, the measurement of the results becomes more complicated, because the brand apart from the video itself conducts marketing events and sales can grow without reference to the video. In this case, “merit” video is difficult to calculate. In addition, such data may be a commercial secret of the customer. In its practice, Edpit agency offers customers to evaluate views on the Internet. For example, a video for the production company Polimin at the time of publication of this article has more than 1,200,000 views. A commercial for the Lamberjack network of barbershops has hundreds of thousands of views. In this case we are talking about video on YouTube channels of customers, on the same channel of our agency the figures of the same videos are more modest, because we conduct more passive tactics for promotion than customers. Of course, the views depend on the strategy for video and didgital tools.

Clean business or craft?

Surely you yourself have met such companies in your life. People stand at the helm, fans of their business. For them, the company – it’s not work and not business – it’s the meaning of life, so the impact is felt quite different. It is on this principle that the company Edpit agency operates, we are led by processes people who live their business. Sometimes we can refuse to work with a client unless we see an interesting task or prospects there. In those agencies where businessmen stand at the helm and the profit is extracted above all – the processes are approved with the client quickly and smoothly. Be sure that you will be nodded and agree on any of your proposals. That’s just the result and the effect of the work you can not arrange. As Steve Jobs said: “I hire people to tell me what to do, not vice versa.”

Miracles do not happen

If the agency gives a good discount at your request, then there is little chance that this will be due to their margin. Prepare for a loss of product quality. Discount can be within reasonable limits, but miracles do not happen and at some stage the economy will make itself felt. Miser pays twice.

Openness of the company

Our company Edpit, some time ago decided to become open to the world. We conduct video blogs, show the inner kitchen of the filming process and share experiences in articles. After all, openness and transparency are those qualities that inspire confidence in our clients. Agree, an experienced and confident team does not make sense to hide their knowledge. From the exchange everyone wins. Try to choose an agency that openly demonstrates their processes, shares experiences and inspires others. Openness – can only afford honest brands. Order a video about the company from such a company, it will be the right and far-sighted solution.


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