Crowdfunding video is a super tool that helps you present your product to the viewer in a quality way. Even if we talk about video as a separate genre, it certainly becomes an uncompromising leader among other types of content, photos, text, gifs, and so on. Of course, today’s technologies allow even a beginner to make a video clip for themselves, but it would be much more far-sighted to order a crowdfunding video from us at edpit agency.

Preparing to create a video

  • Goals and objectives. The purpose of the video is what you create this video for. It will help you cut off everything superfluous and focus on the main thing, so the script itself and everything related to production will work only for your task.
  • Concept. When you have determined the goal, then it’s time to start developing the concept of your future video. Think about how your video will look like, what the concept will be, what style will best convey what you want to say to the viewer.
  • Team. Already at this stage, it is important to decide on the team. In professional video production, very often the team is selected exclusively for the task. And vice versa, if the same team works on all types of the project, this rather indicates that your contractor is approaching the tasks in the most standard way. We at edpit agency select team specialists specifically for the necessary tasks, for example, there are different types of make-up artists who specialize in different types of makeup, the same can be said about operators and even actors.


When the goal and concepts are defined, it is already possible to start creating and developing a scenario, and this is a very complex separate topic. It is important to emphasize that it is better when professionals are involved in the script, some things that seem very original to the average layman, in fact, turn out to be quite clichéd and stereotyped, so without an experienced professional look, it can be quite difficult for you to create a truly original product. It is also important to note that for good communication of all participants in the video creation process, it is best to reinforce the script with a storyboard. This is a laconic comic with the image of the future video, already at this stage you can understand how our future story will look like in the frame.

Preparing for a shooting day

When a company wants to order a video crowdfunding, as a rule, no one thinks about the little things that decide a lot in a video clip. Let’s break down these important details.


  • Casting. It is very important to conduct casting among professional actors. Since the shooting day and the video as a whole are quite expensive, there is a big risk that a person without a professional acting education can spoil the shooting plan. A professional actor will allow you to record all the scenes with a minimum number of takes as professionally as possible and do it at a high level, while a non-professional actor will ruin most of the takes and drag out the shooting day. And the shooting day, as we know, is quite expensive. Overpayment for processing for the whole team is just one of the disadvantages that you may encounter.
  • Location. today there are a large number of pavilions, studios and locations where you can shoot professionally and calmly. At the same time, you will have good service, there will be no dissatisfied neighbors behind the wall, there will be high ceilings for lighting fixtures, catering, coffee without interruption in power supply, and so on.
  • Props. Props are a very important part of the filming process; it is better to have them in several versions and copies. Because it can break, fail, scratch and so on. It is best when a separate person is responsible for the props on the set. He looks after its safety, brings it into the frame in time and takes it away in time, and also controls the quality
  • Plan. It includes all aspects from the time when the shooting ends when the shooting starts and also planning when the actor arrives, the make-up artist, when the team arrives with lighting and equipment and when it is important to move from one location to another.


Post-production includes primarily editing, color grading, often graphics, packshot creation, and sound design. The sound may consist of music and a speaker. You can both take music from free and paid stocks, and you can also order it under the order from the composer.


Video quality directly affects your sales. A video is the first thing a viewer will see and the first emotion that will be associated with your brand and product, there may not be a second time, so we kindly ask you to take care of the quality of your video in advance, it is certainly best when professionals deal with such matters. We at edpit agency will be happy to take on such projects, because we love and know how to do them, so we recommend ordering a crowdfunding video from us.