Procedure for creating an advertising video

Procedure for creating an advertising video

After you decided to create a commercial by ordering it from our company, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the stages and procedures. Below is the procedure and rules for the production of video clips.

Initial stage

A task. The client formulates the task himself or fills out the company brief issued by our company.
We together with the customer or independently offer an idea or scenario. We approve and agree on the details of the future commercial video. Scenario or TK – is approved and calculated.
The client makes an advance payment of 75%. If necessary, a contract is drawn up, signed by both parties.
Production of advertising video
The process of preparing a video is started. If the animated movie, then draw characters and layouts. In the case of a video clip – there is a selection of locations, casting actors, a crew, approval of dates and so on. Additionally: a storyboard is created and a shooting plan is signed.
In the case of animation pekshotami, music design and speaker – the work is done in parallel. The client provides the brand logo (source code), brand book and so on.
Shooting day. The client or his representative can attend the shooting, if he considers it necessary, approves the footage together with the director.

Edit and submit the project

Work with the footage. At the stage of editing, the final form of the video is approved. The rough material is sent to cloud services, where the client can download the video and send their recommendations, corrections and comments. If there is no additional agreement, by default the client can make 3 stages of making changes to the draft. Edits, implementations that were not specified at the initial stage – are discussed separately.
The client receives a ready-made advertising video, with a watermark. Happy and joyful lists the remaining 25% of the payment and receives a roller cutter (master version).
If the client plans in the future to create an advertising video in a shortened version or at least does not exclude the possibility of editing, as well as any corrections to the advertising video, it informs about this in advance. In this case, the company Edpit agency – preserves the source materials. In addition, our company can offer re-scoring your video in any language, as well as the overlay of subtitles and the replacement of sound and music. The budget of the changes will depend on the complexity of the task and will be calculated separately.


All rights to the video are transmitted to the customer by default. In rotation, in some cases, agreements for the use of material from actors are required. Also, confirmation of the transfer of rights is required for musical compositions. In both cases, Edpit agency can resolve these issues or transfer it to the customer. Our company reserves the right to spread commercials in its portfolio, if the customer is against this, then it is discussed in advance and in addition.

Honesty and openness

By default, when creating promotional video clips, we at Edpit agency make such conditions that the client would be most comfortable working with us. Similar items are drawn up for special cases and 99% of orders do not even require attention, but according to the theory of probability there are. First of all, we value our reputation and time, so we resolve all issues at an early stage. Thanks to this approach, our clients advise us to their partners and friends, which gives us the strength to work even more efficiently. If you are faced with the task of creating an advertising video, then we at Edpit agency will be happy to help you.


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