Production of commercials – 5 steps

Production of commercials – 5 steps

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Production of commercials is not the simplest part in the marketing plan of any company. It is extremely important to make a bright and accurate video clip that will hook the viewer from the first viewing. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with experienced companies, whose past work inspires confidence.

Formation of the task

First of all, the customer’s side sets the task and forms the requirements for the future commercial. Requirements are due to research or the company’s experience in its field. Clarify all the nuances about the audience, the age of the sex, habits and stuff. One of the most important points is the place of rotation of the future video. Let’s look at the main options:

  • Rotation on TV channels
  • YouTube Preferences
  • Soc. Networks (Some have their own timing restrictions)
  • Screens at exhibitions, cinemas or in shopping and entertainment centers.

It does not mean that by making a video for one direction, you exclude another kind of interaction with the viewer. Magic installation will help you remount the video to the desired format, the main thing is to inform the contractor about this need at the planning stage.

Production of commercials


After understanding the task and implementation methods, it’s time to write the script. In video commercials for business, scenarios can be roughly divided into such varieties:

  • A story about the company’s advantages with emphasis on distinctive features.
  • A mini-film about the company, where “soul” is added to production figures. In such videos, the emphasis is on people and on the team of the firm.
  • Image of the movie, where the atmosphere of the brand and the feeling of using it come to the fore. In such commercials stories work well, and the brand itself is as if above all this.
  • Viral rollers. The whole video series is presented as an independent video, as if not connected with advertising. Any interesting documentary story may lie at the base, which, as it were, was accidentally captured on camera.
  • Video instructions. Most often, such tasks are handled by animation clips, they are available to show complex things.

Preparing for the production of a commercial

Production of commercials, if this is not an elementary animation, requires a good preparation and the work of a large team.

  • Coordination of locations.
  • Selection of shooting equipment.
  • Selection of lighting.
  • Casting of actors.
  • Selection or tailoring of costumes.
  • Selection of the crew of the crew, the coordination of the schedule of works.
  • Creation of props or search and accommodation arrangements.
  • Mastering the location.
  • Organization of auxiliary options, such as catering.
  • Solving financial issues.

All this takes time and experience. The more component components in the future commercials, the more professionals are required to qualitatively work out the tasks. Working with decorations, props and costumes often requires waiting.

Shooting commercials

When everything is agreed and worked remains to be removed, then what is planned. One of the main articles of the expense of making an advertising clip is the number of shooting shifts. The better all the details are worked out, the more compact the time will shoot. Sometimes attracting one or a pair of assistants, helps significantly save the budget. Let’s consider what important moments happen when shooting commercials.

  1. Logistics. If the survey takes place on the customer’s premises (factory, factory or institution), then it is better to solve such moments in advance. Otherwise, people on the spot who were not ready to receive a film crew could disrupt the process.
  2. Statement. If the customer doubts or wants to control the process, it is better to attend the shooting personally and confirm the scene behind the scenes.


Usually each stage is post-production, accompanied by approval by the customer. This enables productive work and prevents repeated work on the same components.

The more complex the front of the work, the more it divides into more small components of tasks. This scheme of work allows you to focus and work through all the details in any most complex project. Production of commercials is sometimes a long process, so it is extremely important that the customer’s side quickly respond to the amendment. In the work of Edpit agency, there were cases when the approval of the edits lasted longer than the work on the project itself. For some creative professions such a mode of work can become motivating. The best, fastest and most effective way to work on a project is:

  1. The customer allocates one special person from the company that monitors the project.
  2. The customer’s side trusts this person 100% and gives him full power over all the approvals.
  3. A person working with a contractor, reacts throughout the day, and better 2-4 hours for editing and is on constant communication.


In order for all processes to be as productive as possible, it is necessary to single out one specialist from the customer who will follow the project. In preparation for the shooting, there are no trifles, every detail is very important. Making commercials is a responsible task, so you should hire the team whose work you like.



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