Production of commercials. Trends of the modern world.

Production of commercials. Trends of the modern world.

Where is everything going?

As early as 2015, the number of mobile users in the world has become more than people using personal computers. More and more people spend their time in mobile phones, so making commercials under modern conditions should take this trend into account and match the format of the smartphone.

These trends are equally valid for both developed countries and for Africa. In addition, in the underdeveloped countries for many people, the smartphone is the first device to access the Internet, which is different from Western countries, where people first had personal computers and laptops.

Your movie will be next to the seals

It must always be remembered that your advertising video will be in one tape with seals, memes and political news. All of today’s generation lives in Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. If your video does not stop your gaze, then you risk going on a shelf with the companies “losers” who at one time said: “do me like everyone else.”

Even if the aforementioned social networks change over time, in principle, nothing changes, people will also have a mixed content in the smartphone, among which you should stand out. Production of commercials should take place in accordance with the current agenda of the tape of your audience, your person.

Basic tips for manufacturing

  • The video should be short.
  • Your video should have a bright start, a sound hook, a provocative phrase, a revelation, and so on. that will help catch the attention.
  • Look now your tape in social networks, understand today’s “agenda”, try to be radically separated from this stream.
  • Although soc. Networks are considered something new, but it works here according to old, understandable laws. People are prone to tribal life and the approval of the majority, earlier it helped our ancestors to survive.
  • Use this knowledge in your strategy.
  • Do not rush immediately to sell, first entertain the audience. Studies show that emotional content sells 2 times more than advertising, based only on the benefit to the client.
    Stand out from the advertising noise
  • If you are on social networks skip past the eyes of the publication of your friends and colleagues, then do not expect that someone will delay their attention to your advertising proposal. From the first to the last second you have to be different from all other market offers, only so you have the opportunity to get hold of your audience. If competitors make glamorous and sterile commercials about their brand – make a video in the style of the 90s, as if it was shot on the VHS camera. If competitors attract show business stars for their marketing companies, focus on ordinary people, etc.

Take into account the characteristics of social networks

  • There is an opinion that facebook algorithms produce worse foreign videos from other video services, such as YouTube and Vimeo. So do not download foreign content, upload video to each network separately.
  • Instagram – has a time limit of up to 60 seconds (at the time of publication of this article), so consider this.
  • The Google search engine enhances the position of your site if you upload your videos from YouTube. Making commercials is a complex and enjoyable process. Analyze competitors, get into the skin of your client, understand how you differ from others, formulate your strategy and then most likely your brand will be successful.

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