Shooting videos for YouTube – 7 tips

Shooting videos for YouTube – 7 tips

Shooting videos for YouTube, or rather the creation of such videos has its own characteristics. If your company or brand decided to go on this Wednesday, then you better get acquainted with the locals and offer something of your own.

The context and relevance of the YouTube video is important

Context is important everywhere, not only on YouTube, but it’s here that it’s extremely important to get right into your stream. In general, the Internet is much less rules and restrictions than on TV or outdoor advertising. Therefore, this gives you ample opportunities. For example, for better communication with the audience – exclude advertising phrases, go to the human language. Especially if your audience is young, then you should pay attention to the use of slang. Nobody says “what a lovely ice cream”, rather they say “kayfovoe ice cream”.

In short, even shorter

Long videos are better left to interview rock stars, be realistic – no one looks at advertising. If you want your video to be watched, then make it as short as possible. Once you have cut the story and script – sit down and cut it even more. After you filmed and made the first rough editing – cut it too. Here you see the meaning of this will not affect. The filming of YouTube videos from a technical point of view is no different from a short film. We advise as a homework to learn all the information on this topic too.

Do not copy

The secondary product will immediately be exposed to dislikes, angry reviews and censure. Until now, there are often video clips that copy all or part of the advertising of other companies. Why is that bad?

  1. For those who saw the original movie. People will understand that with a fantasy you have a problem that you are secondary and your product is mediocre. Otherwise, you could present it somehow especially.
  2. For those who have not seen the original movie. Any copy will be worse, in the sense of the message. If, for example, the original movie was created somewhere in Los Angeles by a whole team of creative people. Their creativity appeared after a detailed study of the product, the market, its audience, then to your product such advertising will suit at best 30-40%.

Go to work

Only if you do not have a strategy to keep the viewer in the dark until the end of the video, which in itself may be strange, do not delay with the beginning. The first seconds are the most important, if they are not hooked – then it’s bad. Start with an intriguing question, action, situation. Do a provocation or any provocative action, any way that attracted attention will be good. But most importantly, do not forget that the viewer must remember not the advertisement, but the product. Attach effort in this direction no less, or even more.

Did you see this?

Increasingly, in meetings with customers, our company Edpit agency, when preparing videos for YouTube, offers such a test. Will our viewer tell our friend, after watching the video clip the phrase: “Did you see this?”. If not, then it is better not to use this idea. The fact is that every person a day sees more than 3000 advertising messages and a weak idea draws to merge with the advertising noise. In some articles and books, even the term “advertising blindness” is used for this.


Yes, a person ordering advertising for his company understands most of all in his industry. But the same person does not spend all his time looking at all the bad and good advertising. Also does not track what works and what does not. In addition, the commercial does not compete with other ads, but with interesting videos on YouTube. The buyer thinks irrationally, it happened historically, so it’s better to trust advertisers and good advertisers in this matter. It is they who, with trust, will make a quality product.

Who are you and for whom are you?

Shooting videos for yutuba begins not from the set, but from the stage of strategy. It’s about positioning you as a brand, and also about your target audience. If you have not yet held a session for your brand, then it’s time to do it. Determine by Carl Jung what you are from the 12 archetypes, this will bring you closer to understanding the motion vector. You will understand everything about yourself from the “packaging” of your product to the tactics of running a social networking business. Choose one person from the whole target audience, make as much detail as possible his portrait. Describe his habits, social circle and so on. In this case, you will clearly understand for whom you are doing advertising and whether it will please a particular person?

If you work through all the points listed above, filming videos for YouTube will be a pleasant formality for you, since you will conduct all the training at a decent level.


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