Subject photography for the product

Subject photography for the product


YouTube is the most popular platform on the Internet after Google. More than 63% of people are looking for a video review online before purchasing a product. Based on this, it is extremely important for every online store to be present on YouTube in a high quality manner. In the case when the store has a huge range – it makes sense to do a subject shooting of the goods. When a store has a compact selection of products, it’s better to order production from the side, especially if it comes to the release of more complex videos, promotional videos, etc.

Variants of shooting video on a different budget

From the experience of subject shooting in our company Edpit agency, it can be said that the same problem can be solved in different ways. The question will only be how willing you are to sacrifice quality. So, here is a list of shooting options for any budget.

  • Economy Modern smartphones take off very well, especially with good lighting. You can also shoot on an action camera, it will allow you to get a more stable picture. Lighting can be portable lamps. A location is your warehouse, store, or office.
  • Average. Bes SLR and SLR cameras allow you to get a solid picture. Quite affordable lighting can be LED panels. It can both be purchased and rented in a special service.
  • Maximum. Here you can use semi-professional and professional shooting equipment. Although this option is quite expensive, it may be advisable if you have a high margin product or / and a premium segment.


Sound is 30% of the perception of your video content. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to this moment. In the process of video review, you need to comment on what is happening in the frame. Here are some ways to record sound:

  1. Record in camera microphone. This is the most primitive option, only in some cameras you can record a normal sound, and then with a lot of reservations. Since the microphone will be located far from the speaker’s mouth, then the sound will be recorded along with unnecessary rustles and scratches.
  2. The gun (zoom) on the camera. This is a directional microphone that is attached to the camera. Definitely better than the option above. However, if there is more than one person in the frame, and they are not located side by side, then there may be problems with the recording.
  3. Loop with microphone. This option is especially suitable when the face of the presenter is visible in the frame.
  4. There are many options, both wired and with a radio signal. You can choose based on the budget. Convenient to use certainly – wireless options.
  5. Voice over narration. Of the minuses only the fact that the viewer does not have eye contact with the speaker.
  6. Studio quality, professional voice, experience – all this will have a great effect on the result.

Music for the video is also important. It creates the right mood for the buyer. There are at least three sources of music for commercials:

  • Paid drains. Music is selected and bought in a few clicks.
  • Free drains. Music is completely free, but it is difficult to find something worthwhile.
  • Order from the composer. Original music written especially for you. For an online store, this solution may seem rather doubtful, but creating a 5-second splash screen for your releases to be recognized is quite reasonable.

More about the choice of music for video clips in our video blog:

Where to shoot video?

If you have at least a small budget, it is better to choose a special studio for shooting. Now on the market there is a huge variety for every taste with hourly rates. Here are the main plus rental studio in contrast to the office or warehouse:

  1. You do not interfere with the workflow in your company, but do the shooting remotely.
  2. In the studio, you can choose any background from the usual white to the scenery in the form of an apartment (kitchen, hall, bedroom).
  3. The studio allows you to put the lighting at any height, because there are high ceilings.
  4. If you wish, you can hire an assistant who will assist you with the technical part of the shooting.
  5. As a rule, such places are well provided for recording sound on the site, which is practically unreal if you do it at the height of the working day in your office.
  6. In the studios, everything is provided for the most productive work, as a result, save auxiliary time.

Give More Than Expected

It is important to note that people who are looking for a product on the Internet are not limited to searching for video clips about a product. Sometimes they want to know details about the company, delivery options and other frequently asked questions. Using shooting days as productively as possible, you can prepare and remove a series of answers to frequently asked questions. Thereby you will facilitate the life of your customers, who will become more loyal to you. Here is one example of what this might look like:


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