Video about the construction company, examples of cases

Video about the construction company, examples of cases

Video about the construction company for ZIM GROUP

This is one of those commercials that are filmed without professional actors at a real construction site. Video about the construction company ZIM GROUP bright case promo video, there are examples of finished objects, as well as the construction work of current houses. Since the intervals with “soft” sunlight are limited in the morning and evening, the most beautiful shots with ready-made houses were filmed at this particular time. The rest of the time was set aside for filming construction sites. Of the features for shooting were such items:

  • Daylight
  • Aerial photography
  • Graphics
  • No actors

Image rollers for Petrovsky Quarter

This is a series of 4 commercials with a humorous bias. The main insight is that the comfort zone of an ordinary Ukrainian is limited to his apartment, but we decided to show that in Petrovsky Quarter it is cozy and comfortable even on the street. The task was to focus on the main advantages, we developed episodes in different situations and different locations of the residential complex. The protagonist was specially dressed in a home robe, an undershirt, so he felt “at home” even in the alley or in the beauty salon. A small timekeeping and easy feed allowed to increase the depth of views.

Promotional videos for Parkland

The task was complicated by the absence of all the ready infrastructure, because the construction is still in progress, therefore a number of episodes were created without reference to the street space of the residential complex. Those places that were already ready at the time of the shooting, we used in full. At the heart of the concept, it was decided to use the contrast between the old houses on the secondary market and the new spacious apartments from the developer. Since the client required different content over time, we decided to create about 10 episodes. Each episode begins with a guy living in a typical “residential area” and continues by comparison with a resident from Parkland.

Panoramic video for Parkland

This project includes the shooting of finished houses, as well as a slideshow of future facilities, such as tennis courts, parking and playgrounds. We diluted the shooting from the air with shots from the ground to make the shots more comfortable. All the scenes where there should have been computer graphics were shot so that the necessary space remains. Also created separately cubic 3D elements, which is well combined with the theme of the residential complex, where the infrastructure places are marked with square elements.

Video of the construction company NOVBUD – Petrovsky Quarter

The movie about the construction company is not always just construction and unfinished objects, but also examples of finished houses. In this example, aerial survey was particularly successful, for the following reasons:

Summer landscape with green grass creates a very fresh picture.
The entire residential complex in the vicinity is built, so it looks beautiful, not only the front, but also the background.
Spacious alleys with beautiful trees create a cozy space.

Animated video clip for Paradise Avenue

This is an animated 3D video for a residential complex Paradise Avenue. At the heart of the video clip is a fairytale character and an advertised complex. Work on this project took about 6 weeks, all elements were created and drawn from scratch. Separate customer respect for courage, because he approved our version of the farting hero after the fall. This technique is a kind of “signal” and a sound “hook”, which draws attention to all viewers. Thus, the usual positive movie becomes sharper and provocative, which creates a stir and hype around the residential complex. In addition, the viewer can pay attention to the details, here each leaf, each blade of grass is a “revived reality”.

Image clip for “Milya Kvartiri”

Insight video is that many couples have to live with the older generation, with their parents. We decided to focus on several bright situations that confirm that living with parents is not always fun. Therefore, the promise “to love loved ones at a distance,” was taken as a basis. Having worked through various everyday situations, we selected 3 of the most prominent ones.

Promotional videos for “Forest Park”

The main advantage of this residential complex is the forest zone where the houses are located. This is the aspect we decided to show the audience. The video clip is a flight of fantasy that a person actually lives in the middle of a forest. In the story, the girl is meditating in the middle of the forest, when suddenly she is discouraged by a soft toy that has flown in from the side. At this point, the audience understands that the heroine is sitting at home on a rug, but the environment of the forest really creates an atmosphere of tranquility.


When it comes to creating a video about a construction company, we advise you to identify the advantages and view examples.

  • Benefits can be both distance from the city, and vice versa proximity to the center, which makes it possible to quickly get to work. Or maybe a lake in a residential complex, or a small number of floors.
  • Examples of other video clips are also important to study in order to stand out correctly in your segment, and also to eliminate repetitions and copies, even if they are random.

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